Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heart Disease

Having a heart attack is not a choice...but going to the hospital three or more times within a three/four month period - I can't help but think that person has given up, or that they just don't want to listen to the doctors. Or maybe the doctor is giving the wrong info to the patient...or they don't know what they are supposed to be fighting for. I guess I am just venting here..but I have all these questions and feelings that just cannot be answered.

Its scary to think that heart disease is the number 1 killer in America...taking the life of 1 in 3 women every year...and that it has touched or will touch someone you know. Personally, on my husband's mothers side of the family it has been hit three plus times in three or more family members. I just hate thinking about the pain it causes not only to the person, but to the family that has to suffer the consequences. Even a healthy person can suffer from heart disease, but those that choose to be unhealthy...well its only a matter of when and where it will happen.

I just hope that a recent scare (with a family member) will motivate my husband and I to become more active, eat healthier and value the time we have with our loved ones. Because in all reality you just never know...everyone no matter what their age should exercise, eat healthy and try to live stress free.

Here is some more information about heart attacks, I just find it interesting since I really did not know what to look for, other than chest pains. http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/Diseases/HeartAttack/HeartAttack_LivingWith.html


  1. I don't think anyone "chooses" to live unhealthy just like I don't believe anyone "chooses" to be fat. I believe (again, this is just my opinion) that most people do not believe that their lifestyle is causing their problems. Many times; it is, other times it is genetic and in those cases the person would need to take every preventative measure to make sure everything was being done to prevent genetics from winning.
    In your husband's side of the family (on his Grandfather's side) a HUGE percentage of those siblings died of heart desease.
    In other cases, it is just simply an unhealthy lifestyle and really bad choices such as smoking, weight, lack of excercise...
    I think that people tend to believe it will never happen to them.......and by that I mean death due to heart desease. No one can tell someone to quit smoking or lose weight; they become testy so they go on making those bad decisions until the almight takes a wack at them. Hopefully some of them get the hint. Many don't. Just think how many people you know who have had heart attacks and still choose to smoke, drink and be couch potatoes.
    It is sad to watch.

  2. Margaret - Thanks for commenting! I would hope that noone "chooses" to be unhealthy or to be fat. I just wish those "hints" from the almighty came sooner than later...before cancer, heart attacks and other deadly happenings occur. You are right, it is very sad...I know several people in my family and my husbands that still choose to live poorly with thier decisions. I can only hope that something bad doesn't happen to them in the future, and wish for the best.