Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Year Checkup

Before I discuss the checkup, I wanted to mention Destin loves watching movies now - not all movies...but her favorite one right now is 'Finding Nemo'. I still remember when our nieces, Clara & Abby loved this movie. We had to watch it over and over again! Now they are in 2nd & 4th grade! Wow! They are the same age apart as Destin & Arwen are....I just know that time is going to fly by so fast and our girls will be the same age! EEK!

Also I wanted to add...Destin's new sayings ~ "Of course!", "Sure", "What's that smell?", "Peek a boo, where are you?" and tons more five/six word plus sentences...

So today was Destin's 2 Year checkup...I still cannot believe she is 2 years old! Wow! And this is what happened....

I have been lucky the last two times I have had to take the girls to the Dr...with Arwen, Pat was laid off & he was able to come with us. And this time around, for Destin's checkup, my mom did not have school so she was able to come with the girls & I. I just like having an extra set of hands - not everyone is so lucky when going to & from the doctor with two or more children in tow.

So minutes after we signed in, we went to the back where the nurse measured Destin's head circumference (49 cm - 86% ile...which I am thinking about adding to their growth chart on here - so I can compare the girls), her height, blood pressure (100/65), heart rate, and weight. She was 33 1/2 inches tall (39% ile) and 24 lb 15 oz (15% ile).

After a very long wait, Dr. Henschel came in...and we talked about Destin's potty training (which is still going really well - still working on going poop in the potty on time), vocab (which is amazing...and has me thinking about teaching early reading skills), physical/mental health, etc. Destin was in great condition! And the Dr was surprised that I did not have to bring her in for the past 6 mos for any cold/illness. That is definitely a perk of staying home and not attending daycare. The only time Destin ever got a bad cold was about a week after our visit to the E.R. on 12/31 with her nursemaids elbow....something about being in a hospital just makes you sick - and being around other sick people :( UGH!

Thankfully, she did not have to get any vaccines this time around...so we were able to get dressed and head back home. Destin does not have another checkup until she is 3 years old. It’s kind of weird to think she will now have yearly checks - where as a baby we had to bring her every 2-3 mos.

Of course the Dr, will be able to see Destin over the next year as we take Arwen in for her checkups...her next one is at 9 mos (less than 2 mos away!).

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