Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life is not fair...

Last night, after everyone went to sleep I did my last minute checks via my phone with Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc. before reading some more on my nook. When I came across a post on Twitter via someone I "follow" who mentioned a blog that was very sad...

This fellow mommy blogger had a beautiful 4 month old daughter - who was perfect in every way...when suddenly she stopped breathing, and sadly died shortly after.

The moment I came to her blog I started to read every post, and I could not stop crying...tears kept streaming from my face, my stomach was in knots, and after awhile I found myself in the bathroom getting sick. Even now as I write this, I can't help but cry...I do not know this woman, or her family, but as a mother myself you can relate on so many levels. Reading something like this, makes you want to forget everything around you, stop what you are doing and run to your children just to make sure they are okay. In fact, after I read through her blog...I went to both the girls rooms and checked on them, giving them one more kiss goodnight.

It also makes you thankful for every picture, every video, every clothing item or toy that you have of your children. I have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of Destin & Arwen...and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I look at those pictures all the time, and tear up wishing the time had not gone by so fast.

I could not possibly imagine losing a child, losing one of my daughters...Arwen is only 2 months older than her baby girl.

Life is just not fair...why did her little girl have to die? Why? I am just so could this happen? How could a beautiful healthy little girl be taken away from a loving couple?

Just days before it happened, her mommy wrote her 4 month old letter. A lot of bloggers I know do this...they write a letter to their baby talking about their favorite doings, sayings, outfits, etc. Her little girl had just started to learn to sit up, and would soon start eating cereal (a milestone that just a couple weeks ago Arwen achieved).

Her daughter's funeral is supposed to be held today and in the words of her mother:

"Maddie loves big bows. She always wore them. We would be honored if on Wednesday 2/23/11, in remembrance of Maddie, you would put a big bow on your daughters."

So, today I will make sure Destin & Arwen have big bows in their remembrance of Maddie. I ask that you please do the same...wear a bow and remember this baby girl that was taken away too early. Please put this family in your thoughts and prayers.

I want to share what I found another blog… “In honor of this little one's life - forget about the toys all over the house, the mess in your kitchen, the water the kiddos get all over the bathroom during bathtime tonight and the meal they didn't finish. Just hug them and love them and be extra thankful for them today. There are mothers and fathers all over the world that would do anything for one more chaotic, crazy, exhausting day like that.”

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