Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am in denial!

About clothing for my girls, that is! Destin got lots of cute outfits for her birthday this past Sunday, and I went to clean out her closet - and took out more than half of her clothing that she just doesn't wear and can't wear anymore because she is growing up. She is just getting so big! She is now wearing 24 mos and up in shirts, but still at 18 mos for pants. I am lucky to even get her to wear clothing around the house, but when she does - it usually means no dresses anymore :( I guess I will have to reserve "dressing up" for Arwen.

As far as Arwen's closet...I have already had to clean it out three times ~ once for her newborn stuff, her 3 mos stuff, and then her 3 - 6 mos stuff. Now she is wearing 6 mos, 6 - 9 and 6 - 12 (old navy) sizes.

My girls are just growing up so fast...not only for their clothing, but for meeting each of their milestones. Destin is still talking more than ever and is always asking questions. Arwen is working on wanting to crawl - its only a matter of time before she does :) Wow! I just know time is going to fly by this year...I am looking forward to seeing my girls grow up!

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