Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arwen Kinsley ~ 8 Months Old

Arwen Kinsley is 8 Months old today! No pics, since Arwen has a cough/cold - I hope it goes away soon! Destin just got over her fever that lasted a couple days :(

The months are just flying by and Arwen is growing just as fast...I just can’t believe she is now 8 months old! A couple of weeks ago on March 18th, I posted an update on her and Destin’s current milestones – so I thought I would include those on this post, as well as some new ones that she has mastered over the last two weeks or so. I told Patrick today, that in less than 4 months we will be celebrating her 1st birthday...and I know that it will go by so fast! I cannot wait to see what new things she masters until then :)
Milestones (from 3/18):
- Sits up wthout any support for long periods of time
- Scoots on her bottom & belly to go forward, backward and in circles (she is learning how to get from one spot to another in the living room)
- Has 2 teeth on the bottom (and is teething right now for some top ones)
- Goes from sitting to laying & laying to sitting on the floor/bed
- Claps her hands
- Makes sounds like an indian (with her arm/hand)
- Blowing raspberries
- Everything goes in her mouth
- Eating all sorts of baby foods
- Starting to eat finger foods (graduate puffs & yogurt melts) and fruits such as watermelon, cantelope, peaches, pears and more!
- Still breastfeeding great! About 4 or 5 times/day
- Went on a swing for the first time at the park this week (loved it!)
- Waving hi or bye bye (not saying it)
- Says 'dada' and 'mama' (not too many words yet)
- Laughing, smiling and squealing all the time!
- Working on crawling and standing up with support (with mommy or a toy)
- Loves to read books & listen to mommy
- Loves to play with all of the toys in the house! What baby wouldn't?!
- Knows her name & responds when someone talks to her
- Does not like having a dirty diaper!
- Does not like when mommy leaves the room

And here are some new ones…
~ Has eaten: crackers, popsicles, mashed potatoes, various baby foods
~ Drinks from a sippy cup (water only) - she has been doing this for 2 months now
~ Army crawling/creeping (and can move around quite a bit on the floor)
~ Working on pulling self up (she is so close!)
~ Can now stand with help (on a toy or holding mommy's hands)
~ Lots of smiles and baby talk!

I wanted to look back to compare the girls and here is what Destin's 8 month journal entry on 10/13/09 said:
Wow! Destin turned 8 months old today :) Its hard to believe that in about 4 more months we will celebrate her 1st birthday!! Destin now has 8 teeth - four on top & four on the bottom. She is pulling herself up to stand, holding on to the furniture/mommy/daddy, and 'army' crawling. She is so talkative - saying words, screaming, & making loud noises :) She is also eating a little bit of everything - sharing with mommy & daddy, trying out new tastes all time time. She really likes mac n' cheese! We are still working on good sleep schedule - it seems to change quite a bit, but most of the time she sleeps through the night.

Compared to Destin...
- Arwen only has 2 teeth at this age (compared to 8)
- Arwen is not pulling herself up yet (although she is starting to)
- Arwen is army crawling & scooting just as her sister was
- Arwen is not eating a lot of regular food just yet, she is still eating lots of baby foods and started finger foods about a month ago or so
- Arwen is a great sleeper and for the most part is sticking to a good schedule (Destin has not been a good sleeper for quite some time!)

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