Friday, March 18, 2011


I know that I talk about the girls meeting milestones...and I try to update the milestones tab on my shutterfly site as often as I can. But I thought I would devote a a post to their endless milestones that I am now observing every day...

Arwen Kinsley ~ 7.5 months
- Sits up wthout any support for long periods of time
- Scoots on her bottom & belly to go forward, backward and in circles (she is learning how to get from one spot to another in the living room)
- Has 2 teeth on the bottom
- Goes from sitting to laying & laying to sitting
- Claps her hands
- Makes sounds like an indian (with her arm/hand)
- Blowing raspberries
- Everything goes in her mouth
- Eating all sorts of baby foods
- Starting to eat finger foods (graduate puffs & yogurt melts) and fruits such as watermelon, cantelope, peaches, pears and more!
- Still breastfeeding great! About 4 or 5 times/day
- Went on a swing for the first time at the park this week (loved it!)
- Waving hi or bye bye
- Says 'dada' and 'mama'
- Laughing, smiling and squealing all the time!
- Working on crawling and standing up with support
- Loves to read books & listen to mommy
 - Loves to play with all of the toys in the house! What baby wouldn't?!
- Knows her name & responds when someone talks to her
- Does not like having a dirty diaper!
- Does not like when mommy leaves the room

Destin Paisley ~ 25 months
- Talking in full length sentences/having conversations
- Saying 'please', 'thank you' and 'excuse me' all the time
- Running, skipping, jumping, climbing, sliding, swinging (always on the go)
- Loves to dance & sing to anything!
- Likes her pic taken sometimes
- Still really enjoys watching movies (the lastest is Disney's 'Toy Story 1, 2 & 3' & 'Little Mermaid')
- Loves to color & draw (we also just bought Destin her first finger painting set!)
Playing with legos & her babies
- Loves reading books (her fav right now is "Where's Walrus?" & "Brown bear,..")
- Learning all of her colors and shapes
- Working on recognizing letters & numbers
- Can sing the alphabet
- Loves to help mommy do the laundry/dishes/cooking/baking
- Loves to help daddy make/fix stuff
- Loves to play with Arwen (brings her toys, diapers, and enjoys helping mommy feed her baby food)
- Plays well with others
- Bedtime routine is in place! Yay! We are just working on sticking to it! See a post about this later...
- Fav shows to watch include 'Max & Ruby' (we are trying to win tickets to this in June), 'Dora', 'Diego', 'Mickey Mouse', 'Cailou', and sometimes 'Sesame Street' (she is growing up and doesn't want to watch Elmo as much).
- Eating okay...still loves fruit & some veggies. LOVES Pizza (she wants it for breakfast, lunch & dinner everyday!), Mac n cheese & cheese in general (shredded, stick, sliced - you name it, she loves it!)
- Loves the park (swinging & sliding are her favs)
- Likes to talk on the phone
Almost done potty training (still working on poop in the potty ALL the time & is still wearing pull ups at night time)
- Is starting to enjoy wearing clothes (she would rather just be in her underwear all day) & loves dress up still
- Is still running away when we go to public places :( Not Good!

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