Friday, March 18, 2011

Bedtime Routine (Update!)

As you know I talked about our bedtime routine being in place from when Daddy left until he came home...and I was very worried about what would happen.

Well we aren't at square one again, but we did take a few steps back. Wednesday night, daddy had to sit with her (he actually held her) until she fell asleep in her room...only to have her wake up a few hours later. Thursday night, daddy & I took turns going in the room consoling her and eventually both of us ended up in there til she fell asleep. She stayed there all night until 5 AM, where she joined me in bed after daddy left for work.

A little less than six months ago, we were both taking turns sitting with her. Sometimes it would take up to 2 hours before she would actually fall asleep - she would have many requests, talk, play, cry, scream...yes, for up to 2 hours every night. We did this for about two weeks, and gave up. That's when Destin started sleeping with us in our bed.

I thought since its been a few months we could try again...but Patrick and I said we DO NOT want to sit in her room by her side every night until she falls asleep. And I don't think holding her is a good idea either. Destin needs to gain some type of independence and learn that she is okay sleeping by herself in her bed all night long.

Just a reminder...while daddy as gone last weekend (for five nights) she was able to go to sleep in her bed, and stay there all night long until morning every night. So what is different - daddy is home! And she knows that he will give in...but I am strongly urging us both to stay strong and put our foot more midnight calls to our room, no more sleeping in our bed all night, or falling asleep in our bed and then transferring her to her room...She needs to sleep in her big girl bed, all night, every night. I know she can...I believe she can do it. And I told Patrick, that he has to believe it too. She is a big girl now, she is going potty, she is learning all the time...and she needs to do this!

I will keep you all updated on how it goes...until then, take care! And think of us at night when your little ones will go to sleep for you without a fight!

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