Friday, March 18, 2011

What I'm Not Good At

I saw this on another blogger's blog that I follow and thought I would make my own list of things I am not good at. There are quite a few..

1) Cooking..I am very sad to say I am not good/great/wonderful at cooking. I love to try new recipes, and I read all the fun creative cooking magazines and they never turn out as they should. You know that song by Brad Paisley where he says "Eating burnt suppers the whole first year...", well Patrick & I always talk about how thing song is still true for our marriage...since I burn supper about once or twice a month. I hope that with age, and some much needed training (someday!) I can be a better cook for our growing family.

2) Organization...I am a work in progress on this topic. My dresser, closet, kitchen, and other areas become organized, but within a week or two they are full again of stuff. I don't put in the effort I should to get things done and put things where they should be. As a former (future) teacher, I hope to someday get on top of this!

3) Staying off the internet - takes alot of time away
4) Sewing - I wish I knew how!
5) Public speaking - Yeah, not good!
6) Decorating like this...oh how I wish I could do this!

And just to even this post out, so I am not all "Debbie Downer" on you...some things I am good at:

1) Multi-tasking - I can watch tv, breast feed, talk on the phone, do the dishes, check my email, read to the girls, play, sing, clean, vacuum, dust, mop, sweet, laundry, dishes, dance --- all at the same time. Well, maybe not all of those things at once, but you get the picture! As a mommy of two girls (used to be two under two) I have learned that you have to have this skill to succeed!

2) Keeping up with photo taking (sometimes) and putting them into a photo book (at least every few months or so) with Shutterfly. I love making photo books of the girls and our family. I know someday I won't remember when...I am looking into digital scrapbooking for my next project.

3) Talking! Ha! Pat would love this one...all I do is talk! At least when I have someone to talk to...

4) Being a mom to my beautiful girls...they are my whole world!

5) Being a wife to my husband Patrick :)

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  1. so you wanna learn to sew?I have been thinking about tAking a sewing class at a shop in Westport. wanna do it with me? - lindsay