Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daddy is home!

We are so excited that daddy is back home from vacation...this was the first time that Patrick had ever gone on vacation since we were married 4 years ago (Florida). It was also the first time he left the girls and I to be alone more than just a work day...but we survived, and the girls and I missed him so much...AND he missed us too! He called three or four times everyday which Destin & I loved! :D

They (Patrick, his little brother, a friend, and his stepmom) left Friday evening for Keystone, Colorado where they had their own personal lodge, with kitchen, beds and amenities. While there, they skied/snowboard on the beautiful snow covered mountains. I think it snowed almost every day they were there.

Every time daddy would call, he would say how much he wished we came :( It would have been our first vacation as a family. He said there were so many things for young children to maybe next year we can go. My dad (Gpa Todd & Gma Julie) are supposed to move back to CO this summer - and Pat said something about driving up we will just see what happens.

They drove back Tuesday morning, and didn't get back until late..which was sad because we told Destin he would be home that day - but she did not remember. So both the girls will have to wait all day to see him until he gets off work - but it will just be so nice to have him back home. (I think Destin heard daddy in her sleep - because she woke up at 3 AM to snuggle with daddy and stayed up for about an hour before falling back asleep!)

And we see how sleeping in her own bed pans out...I hope that she sticks with it! The last two nights she fought me, ran away and kept saying she wasn't tired, but within ten minutes or less - she was out! And so was Arwen :) Both girls asleep every night for five nights in a row before 8 PM (and keep in mind Daylight savings was Sunday too!)...woo hoo!


  1. My husband and I are about to be apart for 2 whole weeks! Glad you all survived it!

  2. Thanks for commenting Allison! I couldn't imagine being apart for 2 weeks..Wow! Be strong and my thoughts are with you :)