Sunday, March 13, 2011

Missing Daddy

Earlier this week I mentioned Patrick was going to Colorado on vacation...I have been talking to Destin about it - that daddy would be gone for a few days. Of course, she is only 2 years old and she doesn't really understand that gone means she won't see him for more than a typical work day. 
 Friday came, daddy came home and then he left at dinner time for his skiing adventure. Surprisingly Destin was okay when he left - which was incredibly, see she is a daddy's girl. I know I have mentioned it a handful of times here and there - but when daddy goes away, that is when it really shows.

The first way it shows...she asks me constantly, 'Where is daddy?', 'When is he coming home?', 'Why did he go?', 'I miss daddy' (this one makes me tear up!). We (Destin, Arwen and I miss daddy everyday he goes to work...but this is the longest and the first time he has ever been gone for more than a day).

Second, she steals my phone every time daddy calls. I have a special ring tone (our wedding song) just for Patrick, and as soon as it comes on she jumps up and down, with delight saying, 'Daddy, daddy, daddy!' over and over again. She loves to talk to him on the phone.

Third, (and this is the kicker!) Destin sleeps in her own bed, from start to finish all night long....this is CRAZINESS!!! Destin refuses to live by a bedtime routine, sleep in her bed, wear pajamas, anything that relates to sleep is OUT OF THE QUESTION!!! But since Friday (we are on Night # 3 since daddy left) she and Arwen have been asleep in bed before 8 pm...This is the norm for Arwen, who is on a great schedule for the most part (eating, sleeping, playing at the same times almost everyday).

I am not sure if its because she knows daddy (whom she has wrapped around her finger) isn't here to give in and let her stay up, or come sleep in our bed. Or if its because its just me...but she acts like a totally different child at night when daddy is not here.

So in case you are does Melissa have so much time on her hands to write on her blog so many times in the last few days??? Well ladies & gents, its because my girls are sleeping at the same time and early - woo hoo! I have had time to do lots of reading, cleaning, taking a shower by myself, blog writing, and working on a current Shutterfly project (a new photo book).

NOW ~ Lets just see how long this will last though. When daddy comes home in two days, will we stick to this miraculous new bedtime routine? Or will it go back to staying up late, us pretending to go to sleep, back to co-sleeping and transferring --- or will Destin agree to sleep in HER bed all night long? Only time will tell...

AND just in case you are wondering what the routine is...
7 pm (or a little after)
- Bath for both girls, followed by lotion, pajamas, and hair brushed.

- Brush our teeth.
- Go to Destin's room and read three books that she picks out.
- Hugs & kisses.
- Lights out (still debating music) and night light on.

I have been staying for a short while to breastfeed Arwen (and usually by the time I am finished feeding her Destin is asleep - then I put Arwen in her bedroom/crib). I am working out the kinks of NOT being in there, so she falls asleep by herself with no one in her room with her (on night # 1 it took several tries, and she finally decided that mom meant business after taking her back to bed after the up-teenth time!).

To be continued...I am so anxious to see if this new bedtime routine stays in place once daddy comes home.

P.S. I just wanted to add that Arwen is a daddy's girl too! Her first words were "da-da" and she has been saying it repeatedly over and over since he left. She knows he is gone!

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