Sunday, March 13, 2011

"I'd Choose You" by John Trent

"I'd Choose You"
written by Dr. J
ohn Trent and illustrated by Judy Love

Have you ever been the last one picked for a team?

Everyone knows what it's like to have a bad day. And when Norbert comes home from school, he has had a really bad day. As he and his mother talk through the day's mishaps, she gently imparts The Blessing on him through spoken word, meaningful touch, attachment of high value, portraying a special future, and genuine commitment.

By the end of the book, Norbert knows he is loved, and that even if he wasn't the first pick for the team, he will always be chosen by his parents . . . and by God.

My thoughts...
I know I have mentioned it before on my blog, but I will say it again. I am not a big religious person, I never have been. But there is something wonderful about reading Christian books to my own children. I don't go to Church, and I'm not sure when or if I ever will...but I do believe in God. I do call myself a Christian...with that said, my thoughts on this book are that you don't have to be super religious or be an avid church goer to read a Christian book.

This children's book, with its beautiful illustrations has a great message...that even though you things don't go your way, it will be okay because you have someone that loves and cares for you - YOU have someone that will pick you up, hold you, hug you, encourage you, love you, and love you for you!

I would encourage anyone (religious or not), to read this book to your classroom, your family, or a friend in need of some encouragement. I know there are days when I don't feel as positive as I would like to be...its always nice to read a book that makes you smile - and this one definitely does!

My blessing for 'The Blessing Challenge'...
Lord, may you bless Destin and Arwen. May you let them know how much you love them, and what a wonderful future they have ahead of them. Thank you for all the love and loved ones you've put in their lives - their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. May they always know that we (mommy and daddy) love them more than anything, and may they always know that no matter what happens in their lives, we will always choose them.

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Find out more about the book here. You can buy this book at Amazon soon (avail. May 3, 2011).

Thank You so much Net Galley and Thomas Nelson for allowing me to read this book! I cannot wait to read more books from you in the future!

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