Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Going on Vacation

I am trying to remember the last time I went on vacation...I think it was when I was pregnant with Destin in 2008. I went to Florida for a short visit with my dad.

The last time Patrick and I went on vacation was January 2007 - when we were married in Florida. We only took a couple vacations together - Mexico, Kansas, Colorado and various trips throughout Missouri.

Then as our family grew...from two...to four (Daisy & Duke)...to five (Destin in 2009) and now six (Arwen in 2010). I just can't help but wonder, when will we ever go on vacation again?

There are lots of things to think about before going on vacation...money, time, care for the dogs, care for the house/mail, bills, etc.

I know I would love to go on a day trip to St. Louis someday and/or maybe the Omaha Zoo. I would love to take the girls to Disney someday (when they are older and can actually ride stuff - and remember it!). I do know that I would love to go on a family vacation someday, especially before we start to think about growing our family even more.

Patrick has decided that he is going on vacation to Colorado. Its the first vacation he has had anywhere since 2007 (over 4 years ago!). He will be driving his younger brother, and an old friend out there with him next weekend. They are planning to ski and/or snowboard at Keystone resort, staying at a ski in - ski out place - pretty neat :) He mentioned something to me about going, but I am not so sure about the drive, money, the dogs, what would we do when we are there (stay in hotel the whole time? go shopping - yeah, right!?)...

So, I am very happy that my husband is taking some much needed time off for himself - as I have done numerous times before the girls were born. I made a couple trips to Florida before Destin was born, and once before I was married. I have had my fair share of traveling...all over the USA, Europe, Central America and Africa. I can only hope that someday I will go back and maybe even bring the whole family when they are grown.

Someday, maybe even this summer we are thinking about planning our first family vacation. It will be nice for all of us to get away, and enjoy each others company away from home - maybe go to the zoo, a park or a play place. Stay at hotel or cabin for once. I know I still remember our bed and breakfast visit in Pleasant Hill for our birthdays a few years back...before babies, and thoughts of stress streaming everywhere.

Where have you gone on a vacation as a family? Are there any places you would recommend? Keep in mind - budget friendly, young babies (2 and under), and not too far away...


  1. Nah, all our vacations have consisted of is Branson and Omaha zoo. They do keep asking to go back though so they must have been ok! We stayed at a really nice and pricey mariott in Branson, it was nice to get away for a few days. Omaha zoo is awesome and I would like to go back. We have always said we would take the girls on vacations but money and work always keeps us home, plus I am a home body and would rather not deal with the hassle. This year. Instead of a trip we got WOF season passes to see if we will use them a lot! Glad Pat is going but I am sure you will miss him! Darcy

  2. @Darcy - I hope to go on vacation this summer (as Patrick has said we will)...but with money and time, the dogs being cared for, and the headache of organizing it all, we will just see what happens. I am hoping that we can take Destin is WOF this summer (with our free passes that we get each year). We are definitely going to miss daddy while he is gone!