Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stride Panty Party

I was recently selected to host a STRIDE Everyday Power Panty Party from Child's Play Party...and this past weekend was the big event!

So what is STRIDE?

STRIDE Everyday is a breakthrough in fashionable women’s (and mens according to their site!) underwear and feminine hygiene! Our innovative 2-in-1 solution keeps you dry with its patented absorbency technology sewn right into the gusset – replacing the need to use disposable pantiliners! The sewn in protection is so thin and comfortable you won’t even know it’s there, and neither will anyone else.
Our women’s underwear collection offers various fashionable styles, sizes and colors for women of all walks of life and sizes.

STRIDE Everyday panties are machine washable. Each wash allows the gusset and panty to thoroughly release any “locked” in moisture for a fresh wear every time.

A first of its kind, there is no other comparable product out there with the quality in fabrication and performance of our patented absorbency technology.

Comfort & Confidence, Every Day!

Here is a pic of all the goodies I got to keep and share with friends and family! They provided a t-shirt (for the hostess), three pairs of Stride undies, tons of $4.00 off coupons, party gifts (socks, makeup, nail polish & more!), gift bags/ribbons, games, ideas for what to serve as far as snacks/drinks, questionnaires for my guests to get free undies and more! 

A picture of me sportin' my new t-shirt before the party started!

The back of the shirt...which says Stride Everyday and their website

A close up of the coupons you would receive as my guest...

A close up of the three pairs of undies they sent for me to try...
All three are very comfy ~ I think my favorite one was the bikini sport (the purple flowered one)!

Oooh la la! My husband loves the thong undies! Very sexy!

I didn't take a lot of pics...but we had lots of pink, panties and adult favors for all the wonderful ladies that came! They loved playing the games, and of course enjoying each others company!

To make it more adult-like the party was in the evening, when little ones would be in bed...and I decided to serve desserts for my guests to enjoy! Cookies, brownies and some healthy fruit were well as water and tea.

I have to say that I really like wearing the STRIDE panties...they are comfortable, and give me an extra boost of confidence. After having two girls I am not ashamed admit that I do have some leaking when I cough, sneeze, laugh, run, or just plain walk anywhere! Its just part of being a new mommy and I know that there are other women out there that have the same issue as I do.

If you would like to learn more about this great company and their products, please visit their website and/or follow them on twitter! Also, if you are interested in hosting your own party someday (where you get freebie stuff that you can keep and share with others) please visit Child's Play Party.

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