Friday, April 15, 2011

Fantastic Friday!

Yay! Its Friday...which means its almost weekend time! Time spent with family, friends and more - no work, relaxation (somewhat) and more!

What's new with us?

Destin ~ Loves to play outside! The weather was just beautiful this week, so we were able to go out almost everyday to play. We even went to the park (which only lasted a short while since Destin decided to run away from me). This week, Destin has been saying, "I want to go outside by myself to play, mommy/daddy!". I am not sure where she learned that, but she has been asking/telling me this almost everyday. We have been drawing with chalk, and playing with our water table from last summer.

I have also noticed that she is starting to like some new things...trains (Thomas the train - we got a new movie from my Aunt last weekend, and she has watched it at least 3 times this week!), wearing her hat backwards (not new, but thought I would add this), Diego, Buzz Lightyear (from Toy Story - which she loves all 3 movies!), cars, and getting very dirty -- she is definitely becoming a little tom boy :)

Arwen ~ Still doing wonderful crawling around the house (she hasn't managed to go into another room) and can get from one side of the room to another. She also learned a new word this week..."DUCK"! This is her 3rd word (after dada & mama) and she says it all the time now :) She is still working on pulling herself up, but is very close!

Daddy/Patrick ~ Working very hard for our family :) I know he will be happy to have off this weekend, as he always is.

Me/Melissa ~ I have been taking lots of pics of the girls. And I have made some connections in my family (on my mother's fathers side of the family). I have been working on Family Tree stuff for a few years now, but I would like to try to work on it again. I cannot believe how much family I actually have that I have never even met before (some family members even live less than 15 minutes away!). Wish me luck! I am working on my mother (both sides), my father (both sides) and Patrick's mother & father (on both sides). Lots of work & research!

Weather related news...I forgot to add we had tennis ball size hail a couple weeks ago, and we have literally had at least 15 roofing companies come to our house! They must be desperate looking for work! I finally said yes to one company, and of course he said our entire roof needs to be replaced (of course!). But I am not sure if that is true..we are looking into getting a second opinion from a friend. With no money to meet the deductible for our insurance, I am sure this will go to the bottom of our list of things to do.

Last night, we had a very large, very loud thunderstorm with lightning...and Destin had to narrate the entire thing as we tried to get her to go to sleep. I think she might be scared of thunderstorms, which is something that is NEW for her. As she gets older, and starts to understand things more, or maybe her imagination runs wilder, she is starting to be more scared of things...the dark, monsters, dinosaurs, dragons, etc.

This weekend...we are going to a birthday party for Patrick's little brother (he is turning 14! Wow!), and I am not sure about Saturday yet (depending on the weather)...there are Easter egg hunts, a kite festival and more going on this weekend! Hope you all have a great weekend!

Take care,

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