Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

I know this is kind of a late Weekend Recap post...but better late than never, right? Well, as I wrote last week both the girls have been fighting a cold - runny nose, coughing, and Destin even had a fever last weekend. So just to be safe, we stayed in for a couple days until most of the symptoms looked/sounded better. Right now we still have a runny noses, but hardly any coughs.

Over the weekend...we went to a ton of places (since that is the only time we go anywhere when daddy is home)...Saturday: Home Depot, Tractor Supply (where we saw baby chicks, ducks, and rabbits), Family Center in Harrisonville (they also had baby chicks & ducks) - Patrick was looking for a part for the mower, Chick Fil A in Independence, then the mall for some quick shopping. We also played at the park at Great Beginnings Early Childhood Center (which is open to the public on weekends). The grocery store & Walmart too!

I have still haven't used my Macy's GC from Christmas, and at this point I don't think I ever will. But I did find a pair of new jeans from Old Navy! Yay! I haven't bought new clothes for myself in probably over a year!

Sunday we stayed home...mowed the lawn, played outside and just hung out :)

Okay, now for the pics...I have taken a ton since last week and thought I would share some of my favorite enjoy!

Arwen is learning how to crawl on all fours...she actually did it last night (Tues, 4/5/11) for the first time!

The girls love bath time!

Painted piggies :)

Yay for homemade pizza!

I just love this pic of Arwen I took with my phone :)
The girls love their Disney Jeep :)

Destin wanted to clean the car! She got water everywhere, but had so much fun!
Destin thinks these are flowers, and kept bringing them to me!
Arwen wanted to eat them :)  

Arwen just loves being outside!

And last but not least...guess what Destin has discovered??? New hiding places!

The dryer & our fireplace...needless to say I will have to keep a much better look at what she is doing!

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