Friday, May 13, 2011

Destin is 27 months old!

I can't believe Destin is 27 months old...I just know that the months are going to fly by and then she will be 3 years old!

Destin just amazes me everyday - she is so incredibly smart and has the vocabulary of a typical 3 year old. She learns new words everyday, and loves to read books.

We got this really neat kit called Teach My Toddler - which we have been using almost teaches her ABCs (lower & upper), Numbers (up to 10), Shapes, and Colors. I can honestly say that I have seen a lot of results. She is starting to recognize letters, and knows all of her shapes & colors (on most days). I am hoping to hang up some posters with ABCs, and other learning things on her wall later next week.

Potty training - we are pretty much done! She still wears pull ups at night, because she still does not wake herself up to go. But during the day, she goes #1 & #2 whenever she has to go. Yay!

Sleep - still the same...sometimes she will stay in her bed all night, but sometimes she doesn't. And she is still starting out in our bed every night. I really hope that by her 3rd birthday she can start and end in her room - all night!
Eating - she is starting to become pretty picky on what she eats and seems to not be taking in as much as I would like her to. Granted, she is still growing and is very healthy - so I shouldn't complain. She loves fruit (any kind)! She LOVES pizza (she could eat it everyday if I let her). We usually get her the lunchables kind. She really likes Mac n Cheese, Corn dogs (minus the corn part), Corn, Ice cream, popsicles, cake, cookies, and of course all of the things that are NOT good for you! :)

Playing - she loves to go to the park, although lately she has been saying "I can't do it!". Which is very strange - because she is usually willing to do anything (she is a daredevil like her daddy was). She loves playing with her Little People animals/barn, playing in her tent, doing puzzles, pretending to cook/bake, legos, trains, playing with her babies (feeding them, putting them to sleep, singing to them, etc.). She is definitely well rounded and wants to do everything! Outside - she loves to drive her powerwheel from Christmas. She has finally figured out how to make it work :) She also learned how to ride her tricycle last week (thanks to Gma Melanie)!

Creating - she loves to color with crayons, markers, fingerpaint. And loves Playdoh (I hope to create some of our own to save money next time). She loves playing with chalk outside. She loves to help mommy bake too :)

Fav shows/movies - Dora, Diego, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Max & Ruby, Letter Factory, Toy Story, Astro Boy, and more!

Being a sister - I think it is very hard for her to understand that she has to share her toys, and time with mommy. Now that Arwen is crawling/mobile, she is into everything which includes Destin's room and her things. I have seen Destin push Arwen down several times over the last month or so, and I am not sure why she keeps doing this (timeouts, spankings and talking about it is not helping). I know she loves her sister, she gives her hugs & kisses all the time. And sometimes she even likes that Arwen follows her around - I just hope the pushing stops.

She is always singing, dancing and on the go all the time. I have started to take her to the park more often, and have found that she is getting a little better about staying with me. I am debating on going to library time this summer.

We had such a fun time at Happy Tails park yesterday (a dog park with a pretty cool playground on the outside gates)...I got some really great pics (see above) too! Don't you just love Arwen's outfit & Destin's hair clip? I got them from Coco Penny! I cannot wait to write up by blog review on FFF :) Here is my favorite one of Arwen that I took:
Have a wonderful weekend! Take care, Melissa

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