Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap ~ We Skipped Spring!

My husband, Patrick was laid off on Wednesday...which we were expecting, as the job he was on is just about finished. As an Ironworker, jobs only last as long as they are needed - and we were very lucky to have him on this current job because it was inside and there were never any rainouts/snow days - so he was pretty much guaranteed to work every day.

Luckily, we found out Friday afternoon that he would start a new job on Monday. His father, and three brothers are working on the same job - all as Ironworkers, and hopefully they will be there all summer! And what's even greater -- its only about fifteen minutes away from our house, so less money spent on gas! He was driving to and from Kansas everyday, and so I am sure he will be happy to not drive so much.

But since he had a couple days off - we took advantage of that time and went on a few family adventures...

It was pouring down rain, and although I really wanted to go to Deanna Rose (a farm/park/play place in Overland Park, KS), we knew that the rain wouldn't let that happen. So instead, we drove by to see the buffalo and elk.

Then we drove out to Burr Oak Woods (in Blue Springs, MO) where we saw fish, birds, snakes, and more! All for free :) It was just nice to get out of the house - especially since I don't ever take the girls anywhere due to Destin still not wanting to stay with me when we go somewhere.

Later on that day...we had to drive downtown to take care of some insurance stuff - so we decided to visit Crown Center. I haven't been there since before Arwen was born (over 9 months ago - when we saw the free Clifford exhibit) it was nice to go back. The latest free exhibit (Under the Sea) ended last weekend, and the next one (Rainforest Adventure) doesn't start until the end of we just "window shopped" at the Crayola store (where Destin got to draw a picture and play with chalk), the toy store (where we played with the extremely over-priced toys) and got a hat from the train restaurant (no we didn't eat there because we were trying NOT to spend money).

Patrick went fishing most of the day with his little brother...and later on in the afternoon Destin and I went to the local park up the street (just the two of us). I am not sure why, but she is now acting like she cannot go down the slides or climb anything (where before, she was a little money crawling, climbing and not scared of anything). Now she says - she needs help, or she can't do it. Its kind of strange!

My mom & Uncle Joe came over to play for the day.

Sunday ~ Happy Mother's Day!
We decided after breakfast (that I made ~ cinnamon rolls) to visit the Zoo. And oh my goodness - the zoo was a zoo! I have never seen so many people there at one time! There were lines of people and cars at least 1/4 mile long! Maybe it was because it was FREE for moms to get in, and you got FREE icecream (just for the moms). Thankfully, we already have our wonderful "Friends of the Zoo" membership and just walked right in without having to wait.

We were only able to see a handful of animals due to the amount of people at each exhibit, and decided to not go to 'Africa' (which is an incredibly LONG walk down a bridge - which is under construction still anyway!). We rode the train (which Destin & Arwen loved!) and Destin rode the carousel twice (she didn't want to get off!). Hopefully next time we go, Arwen can ride too! With our membership - we have unlimited train, tram and carousel rides :)

Then we stopped by Chipolte on the way home for lunch - yum! And then I went to the grocery store (after making a very long price matching list for Walmart). I saved about $30 or more (I am still trying to find the exact figures) but still managed to spend over $100 - which had me pretty upset. I really need to sit down and figure out this whole budget thing. I mentioned that last week, I met an old highschool friend who let me borrow her Dave Ramsey book. And I have yet to even start reading it :( My goal is to get started on reading it this week sometime!

So, not a real exciting Mother's Day, but still good. I got to spend it with my amazing family, which is more than what some moms got to do. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Take care!

P.S. I will try to post some pics on here later this week when I have more time!

P.S.S. I also forgot to say why I said "We Skipped Spring!"...we went from cold, to rain, and now in the 90s here in Missouri! There was really no days of spring - but maybe one or two days in the beginning of April. And NOW -- All of our windows are open, fans going and attic fan is on to keep us cool - but we are all still sweating. I am hoping that we can hold off on the A/C for a few days, but its not looking good! Especially since Arwen woke up crying last night from being so hot!

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