Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mail Call: June 20 - June 25

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Destin got some type of bug Thursday afternoon, which made us cancel our plans - including a BIG party scheduled for Saturday :( But the good news is, Saturday morning she was 100% again. I am not sure if what the Doc says is correct. Noone else got sick but her, and it the symptoms lasted less than 24 hours.

Not a whole lot to report for this week...but here it is:


USGS Earthquake Country booklet from California Earthquake Authority
2 x $10 Old Navy/Gap GCs from Shop it to Me – get link!
Sample of Miracle Worker anti aging eye cream from philosophy
Montayne Jeunesse box of goodies (PR+Giveaway for FFF)
Posh Pickle monogrammed dress for Destin (PR+Giveaway for FFF)


Sample of Spiffies Teething & Cleaning Tooth Wipes


Personalized Custom Knit Baby hat (PR+Giveaway for FFF)
Body Milk Zinnia from Thailand (PR for FFF)


Tony Hawk anti-drug posters x 2
Bacardi Rum t-shirt

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