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Product Review: One Week Parenting Miracle

A couple months ago I was approved to do a product review with a company called iChology.

What is iChology?
iChology is a pioneer in providing high quality Web Based Therapeutic Training. iChology has gathered some of the world’s foremost experts in the areas of marriage and family relations, parenting, anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, addiction and many more.

iChology is dedicated to bringing you high quality video trainings to help you in every area of your life. iChology was founded on the principles of providing quality training at affordable prices from the comfort of your own home.

iChology Programs
There are currently two programs and one in the making at iChology. The first program is called One Week Parenting Miracle (the one I am doing this review about), the second is called Teen Miracle, and the third program (which is still being created) is called The Depression Miracle.

Each program is designed to deliver high-quality, interactive, step-by-step video lessons and guidebooks that teach the skills and application needed to succeed.

One Week Parenting Miracle - Description

The One Week Parenting Miracle is an in-home, self-paced video training course to help you improve any child's behavior in as little as One Week!

This parenting training is a compilation of everything Dr. Hyde has learned about Parenting over his 25 plus years in practice as a Clinical Therapist. He has literally helped thousands of parents just like you regain control of their homes by learning the techniques to become better parents.

“The One Week Parenting Miracle” claims to "work when nothing else has worked". This program is ideal for parents that have children who are not respectful, and/or disobedient in some way. Here is a list they provided:

•Engaged in a power struggle
•Oppositional or Defiant
•Unwilling to reasonably talk out the situation
•Unwilling to negotiate a Win-Win solution

•Unwilling to Respect others, or unwilling to mind and cooperate.
•Unwilling talk out or solve the problem rather they act out the problem.
•Physically or verbally explosive, aggressive, or violent
•Your present discipline currently isn’t working
•Too young or developmentally delayed to learn verbally.

What you will learn?
The most effective ways to discipline your child... The skills you need to increase positive behavior... The skills you need to decrease negative behavior... How to properly deal with temper tantrums... How to feel confident about building a healthy relationship with your child...

Parents are the best co-therapists – no one will know or love your child more than you do. Implementing therapeutic strategies on a daily consistent basis is extremely effective.

About Dr. Hyde
The One Week Parenting Miracle is a compilation of everything Dr. Randy Hyde has learned about Parenting over his 25+ years in practice as a Clinical Psychologist. He has helped thousands of parents regain control of their homes by learning the techniques to become better parents.

Dr. Hyde has established an extremely successful practice and on top of helping thousands of parents and children, he has also trained hundreds of interns who went on to become clinical psychologists, therapists, and counselors.

Our Situation
At this point in my life as a parent to a two year old, I am in desperate need for any kind of guidance when it comes to disciplining my child. I am not sure if it is lack of attention, jealously of her younger sister, or the simple fact that my little girl just does NOT want to listen...but she is extremely defiant.

Most of our friends and family don't believe me, but when she doesn't get her way, Destin throws huge tantrums - including screaming, yelling, crying, hitting, kicking, throwing, etc. When we go out in public, she does not listen or stay with us (which is a BIG safety issue). When I tell her NOT to do something, she does it anyway. And the list goes on...

I don't know if our situation is the way it is, because I am a pushover...but I feel that yelling, time outs and spanking her are not working to our advantage. She is not learning how to control herself, follow directions, and show exemplary behavior.

My Review
So with all that said above, I was really hoping to learn some AMAZING miracle to help me be a better parent as a whole.

I really enjoyed reading through the modules (which are clearly labeled, organized and easy to read). I also liked the mini videos (some only just a few minutes long) to reinforce or go into greater detail about the content.

My issue...lack of time! I am a stay at home mommy to two young children. My only time to myself is at the grocery store, or when the girls go to bed at night (and even then I am usually spending time with my husband).

I think that if I take the needed time and devotion to this issue, things would eventually get better. I think, in a way, you are transrfoming yourself as a parent and not really changing your child (as an outsider may think).

A big eye opener for me, was just hearing and reading the obvious. As an educator, and someone who has dealt with children long before I became a mom; I really felt I should already know these things. I know that positive attention/reinforcement increases positive/good behavior. And you know the saying, "it will get worse - before it gets better?"...that is what has been happening at our house.

Destin's behavior has just been getting worse, with no signs of improvement...and I think the main reason WHY is because I yell or get angry, and pretty much give her negative attention all the time. How I say something is more important, than what I am saying...

Hopefully, after a little bit of time and effort (mostly on my part) things will change for the better...and I am sure I will be on here to update everyone. Until then, here are some more details about this program and how you can access it.

How much does it cost?
You can sign up for $1 dollar today and have 100% full access to the program for seven days. On the eighth day, you will be charged 27 dollars. You will then be charged $27 dollars every month that you continue with the program and you can cancel at any time. You will not even need to speak to a human to cancel.

As a member you will have 100% access to all the content of Dr. Hyde’s program—video, evaluation questions, written content, workbook, and role plays.

So...a little steep! But I honestly don't know what a good price would be?

Where can I learn more?
If you would like more information about the One Week Parening Miracle, please
click here. You can also find them on Facebook, and Twitter.

To learn more about iChology, you can visit their
website or like them on Facebook.

Thank you to Business 2 Blogger, and iChology for allowing me to work with you on this product review!

Disclosure: I was provided with a One Week Parenting Miracle membership to conduct this review. As always, any compensation did not influence or dictate my honest review about this product and/or company.

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