Monday, June 27, 2011

What's new with us?

Last week was filled with playdates almost everyday, and with that came a sick bug that caught up with Destin, and then Arwen.

I know I have said it before, there is nothing worse than having a sick baby...and two sick babies! Yikes! But after a few late night calls to the Ask-a-nurse hotline, and trip to the Doctor - I am happy to say that the girls are both doing much better!

We were supposed to have our big, 4th annual BBQ/City Fireworks Display this past weekend...but due to the girls being sick we didn't want to take any chances of any one else getting sick, so we called it off - and have rescheduled it to Patrick's birthday in a couple weeks. Hopefully we can still get together at least once this summer. We ended up walking down just the four of us, to view the firework display. It was very good (as always, but very lonesome feeling without our friends and family there). This was the first year, they did not come.

Arwen officially stopped drinking breast milk last week...which surprisingly, we are both doing really well with it. Arwen is now driking regular milk...I know its a little early - but she was ready. And yes, its a little bittersweet feeling that my baby no longer "needs me". BUT we still manage to get lots of snuggle time in, even without the breast feeding bonding.

She will be 11 months old in a couple days...I cannot believe it! She has taken a few steps and wants to walk so badly. I am hoping to work on her birthday stuff sometime soon!

Destin is still her usual self - keeping busy with crafts, watching her fav new show, Spongebob (ugh!) and still learning to "share" with her baby sister. I just don't know how to make their bond more special. Destin just does not want her to be around, or play with her toys...its so heartbreaking.

Patrick played his first softball game yesterday - they won 1, and lost 1. The girls and I did not go, but we plan on going maybe in a couple weeks. He is also staying busy with work too (of course!).

I am still busy working on product reviews/giveaways with Frugal Fabulous Finds. I also just applied for a job at UCM (fingers crossed that I can get it!).

Other than that...not a whole lot to report. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is doing well ;)

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