Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our first family vacation - Day Three

I absolutely love Colorado...the view is just breathtaking no matter where you are...Day three (our last day) of our family vacation started with going to eat breakfast at a 50s' diner place...yummy! Then we went to a local park and played for a little bit. We got some great pics there too!

Its kind of hard to see...but all four us are smiling in this pic (above)

Nothing beats riding in the swing for our girls :)

This slide (see below) was metal, super hot and SUPER fast!

Overall, a great day....we came home, both the girls took a nap, watered the garden, fed the horses, ate dinner and packed everything up. Our 9 hour drive was just about the same, very long, tiring, dark, and the girls slept off/on for the most part. I hope that this will be one of many vacations for us in the future...

Thank you so much to my dad & step mom for everything! I am so glad we got to come up for a visit! Destin has not stopped talking about it...seeing you both, the mountains, the garden, the dogs and more...I don't think she will ever forget :)

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