Friday, August 19, 2011

Destin is 30 months old!

Destin is 30 months old (as of 8/13/11)...which means, in less than 6 months she will be 3 years old. Where has the time gone? I know she will always be our sweet baby girl who we brought home that cold February day...she was almost a Valentines baby :D

I am not sure if I am starting to imagine things, but Destin has changed so much just in the past few weeks...she still is very imaginative, and vocabulary is off the charts! But I also notice that her tolerance for her baby sister is a lot more attentive and loving - she wants to share, and play with Arwen. She just loves that Arwen can walk now..they hold hands almost everywhere they go ~ our little partners in crime!

Destin also has become incredibly independent - more so than usual. She wants to dress herself, feed herself, clean herself, and of course go potty by herself. The only thing that still needs to happen guessed it, sleeping by herself. She still loves to sleep with mommy & daddy. And on most nights I love it too. I know there will come a day when she won't want to have anything to do with us, and we need to take advantage of this time while it lasts. She is our "big girl", but she is also still our baby who we love more than anything!

Destin is so incredibly smart, and talented. She knows about 90% of her ABCs, and is now learning how to write them - very hard to believe! I know that she would excel in any preschool or daycare center in the future. She loves to play with other children - no matter what their age, and is very outgoing to play with any new person on the playground...something that I was never able to do when I was younger. I hope that she always keeps her outgoing and funny personality. She has the cutest sayings, and of course loves to pose for pictures :D

She told me that she cannot wait to go to school someday! I just know that she will love it as much as I did growing up! Her passion for books is more stronger than ever - we must read at least 15+ books everyday! We need to start going to the libary more often this Fall, so we can keep it NEW and exciting!

Also, something else I noticed her memory! She can recall names, places, and experiences to just about anyone we meet. She loves to introduce herself, Arwen and of course mommy/daddy to everyone we come across. Its hard to believe she remember so many names - all of her cousins, aunt/uncles, grandparents (she has over 8), and all of our friends. Its simply amazing!

Until next time, I am really looking forward to seeing her grow and learn everyday. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Take care, Melissa

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