Friday, August 5, 2011

Whats new with us?

Wow, so its been a week since our baby girl, Arwen turned 1, and I am hoping to soon post something about her wonderful party. Not as many people came as anticipated, but it was still great! She looked absolutely adorable in her birthday dress/tutu w/matching hair bow! And she loved eating her cake, and opening presents :) I cannot wait to share pictures with everyone! Here is a sneak peak...

All about Arwen...she is walking ALL the time (about 85% of the time) and is loving to climb everything still! The couch and the fireplace are her fav. danger zones! EEK! She is also talking more each day, and starting to act more like her big sister too! She is the sweetest baby and we couldn't be more proud!

All about Destin...she is my BIG girl, and sometimes my BIG helper too! She loves to help mommy change baby sister, and her favorite thing now is to walk w/Arwen. They walk everywhere in the house. She is learning to recognize her letters, and is wanting to learn how to write her name (that is our next adventure!). Destin absolutely LOVES to read still, so we have been checking out several books from the library lately - and even got several FREE books w/their summer reading program.

The girls have had so much fun this summer at all of our frequent playdates with our friends, Karly & Kynly :) And my friend, Holly! Its so funny how fast you can make friends with someone that has been apart of your life already for so many years. Holly's husband grew up w/Patrick when they were little. We are so lucky to have reconnected over the past year or more.

This past week...we went swimming, to the library, and to the Dentist. They both did great, and really enjoyed the fun waiting room again! It had a slide, video games, flatscreen televisions and more! I would highly recommend Spencer & Spencer Denistry in Lee's Summit for all of your babies ages 0 and up.

All about Patrick...he got rained out a couple days this week which was nice for him to have a break. Healthwise, he is doing great! He has been going to the doctor every Monday for checkups on his platelet count.

All about me..not a whole lot to report...but I did want to share that I am thinking about going back to teaching. I will still blog here and work at Frugal Fabulous Finds, but I am looking into going back into regular or substitute teaching this fall, as long as I can find adequate childcare for the girls.

Also, I have been thinking about getting Lasik Eye Surgery. I have two eye appointments next week, and then its just a matter of scheduling when and who will help me watch the girls. Any takers?

So far, so good with the start of a new month. Oh, I almost forgot...I had to go get a rental car this week, and I forgot my garage door opener...UGH! So, I am now playing the waiting game, hopefully it turns up again! :( Like I said last week, when it rains, it pours...I just hope something good comes out of the car accident from a couple weeks ago.

Until next time...stay tuned for mail calls, birthday pics and more! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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