Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arwen is 13 Months Old!

A month has passed since Arwen turned 1 year old in July. And she is still growing faster than ever...climbing, walking, running, clapping, and more!

Arwen is still sleeping great - we are still working on 1 nap/day instead of 2...but she is doing really well at night as well. I was finally able to get Arwen in for her 1 year checkup about a week ago, and they said she was doing great. One thing I don't understand is the percentages...I just wonder if they change every year, since the girls are identical in height/weight, and the percentages are WAY different! I will just have to ask next time we go in for a visit, in 6 more months.

Arwen is talking so much now (see her vocabulary list below). She is doing a really good job of keeping up with her big sister - playing, building, drawing, and discovering the world around her. Something that I have noticed just in the past couple weeks is that Arwen loves animals - the sounds, pictures, stuffed, real...she loves them! She starts to smile real big and laughs out loud every time we "practice" our animals.

Vocabulary list: bubba, mama, dada, ball, up, down, uh-oh, oh, duck, quack, dog, woof, cookie, ooh, out, cow, moo, blank (what she calls her blanket), Daisy, Elmo (her new favorite), Destin, yum, ow, and many more!! I need to start writing them down, so I can keep track. She is definitely going to be an advanced talker like her big sister.

Other stuff...
Arwen is finally comfortable walking in shoes/sandals outside :D Yay! Now I don't have to worry about her little toes stepping on something not kid friendly. I have been trying all of Destin's old shoes on her, and it looks like she is already wearing a size 5! Wow!

Arwen is still very much obsessed with her blanket (the pink crocheted one) and her fingers. She loves to carry it with her everywhere we go!

She is very photogenic (when she is in a good mood) :D I know I have been slacking on picture taking...but when I do I try to take really good ones to share!

Arwen really likes to blow kisses, and is now giving hugs/kisses to all of her stuffed animals. You can also see her nodding her head to agree, or shaking her head from side to side to disagree (it is very funny to watch!). She loves Elmo - and you can almost always see her playing with something Elmo in our house. Just like her big sister, Arwen definitely gets "in the zone" when Sesame Street is on.

I cannot wait to see what new milestones she meets over the next month...until next time, take care!

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