Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mail Call: October 10 - 15

I know that I haven't posted any pictures here is one that I hope you all enjoy! Don't you just love Destin's outfit, that she picked out all by herself? :)

This weekend we didn't really do a whole lot...we went to a wedding on Saturday (where the pic was taken above), then to our very LAME Greenwood festival afterwards (the first one ever). Then Sunday, we had lunch with my mom (Gma Melanie) to celebrate her birthday - where Arwen screamed happily the entire time, and Destin complained of a tummy ache (did I mention she threw up about 8 times this weekend??).

I am not really sure why she got sick, but it was mostly clear and just happened after drinking a lot of milk from her cup. I am thinking we may have to be more careful about cleaning her cups - they just don't seem to get as clean as they need to be. Or maybe just use the throw away cups? Dealing with a child that is throwing up is definitely not fun - I just hope that whatever it is - it goes away soon!

This afternoon after eating lunch, and Arwen taking her nap...we walked to the park and watched daddy "practice" catching/hitting softballs for his game tonight. I think he is supposed to play another two weeks, and then he will be finished until next year.

Now for this week's mail call...
  • Shadora sent me a necklace for doing a PR/Giveaway w/them via FFF (freebie)
  • M magazine for KC moms (freebie)
  • Lovable Labels holiday pack (PR/Giveaway for FFF)
  • Digiorno coupon for $2.00 off
  • L&M cigarette coupons (YUCK!)
  • MyClyns (PR/Giveaway for FFF)
  • Free Halloween card that I made from (sent to my Great Gma Mary)
  • Solutions magazine/catalog
  • I-Say package ~ shampoo & conditioner (full bottles to try out ~ freebie)
  • "Healing with Words" (BR for FFF)


  1. Hey Melissa,

    Nice family photo! Your kids are getting so big. I am sorry Destin was sick over the weekend.Could you send me your email so we can keep in touch? I am not on fb anymore :)

    Take care,

    Heather Coleman

  2. Thanks for keeping in touch Heather! I would love to keep in touch with you! My email is I don't think I have yours either!

  3. Mine is :)