Monday, October 24, 2011

MAM Rock-a-bye Baby Party

October is almost over, and before it ends I have to share the most exciting news!!! I was selected among many applicants to be a host for MAM's Rock-a-bye Baby Party from Child's Play Party.
What is MAM?
We’re MAM - the small Austrian company with big ideas! From our start in 1976, our mission has been to combine outstanding design, optimal functionality and medical know- how to a line of smart baby products. Starting with one unique pacifier, today MAM’s range includes a variety of intelligent baby design in four key areas- pacifiers, bottles, teethers and oral care. (All BPA-Free!)

The core of our success is the collaboration of professionals who provide visionary design and medical know-how-to everything we do. The result is wonderful products that satisfy the highest expectations of parents and give babies the best start in life.

The Package
Child's Play Party sent me an enormously HUGE box full of goodies for up to 10 guests and myself! The following products were included in up to three colors: Anti-Colic (5 oz & 8 oz), Pacifiers (night), Pacifier clip, Oral Care Rabbit, Training/First Brush Oral Care set, Cooler teether, Bite & Brush teether, Nipples (three different stages) and prizes for my guests as well (a frame, lipgloss, candles, & cookie cutters).

The Party

The party took place on a Sunday afternoon in our playroom (located conveniently downstairs in our house). I had several of my close friends and family attend, along with their babies ages 0 - 2 years old.
Here is baby Gentry sporting one of her favorite pacifiers from MAM!

I gathered together all of my old baby shower bags and divided them into groups - boys, girls and both :D Since some of the products were pink/purple, blue and then green.

A game we played at the party - where you had to bring a picture of your baby. You could compare height, weight, and age, in their very own Birth Announcement.

My oldest loved the Oral Care Rabbit, which teaches your kids how to brush their teeth (starting when they are first born!).

My girls loved modeling for everyone how to use the products!

Along with all the great goodies from the box that was sent, it also included a few game ideas as well...."Test Your Baby I.Q." which was extremely educational! We learned all about MAM, pacifiers, oral care and more! We had several great conversations about colic, SIDS, teething, bottles, breastfeeding and more.

We also loved "Baby Loves to Dance" ~ where all the babies and their mommies danced to music :D

Most of my guests had never even heard of MAM (and I hadn't either!). But when everyone left, they all said how they will definitely be sharing what they learned from my party!

Thank you so much to MAM USA and Child's Play Party, for allowing me to host such an amazing party with my friends and family! And thank you for being so patient, since has taken me almost 2 weeks to have this email posted!

If you would like to learn more about this great company and their incredible products, please visit their website, find them on Facebook, and/or follow them on Twitter! Also, if you are interested in hosting your own party someday (where you get free products that you can keep and share with others) please visit Child's Play Party.

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