Monday, January 30, 2012

And I thought exzema was bad...

I don't remember how old Destin was exactly, but I know that it has been almost 2 years or more that we found out she had exzema. For those of you that don't know, exzema is a skin condition that causes dry, flakey, red, itchy, and pretty much uncomfortable skin. Its definitely not fun...especially when it comes to moisturizing her skin (which means chasing her and holding her down, on some occasions).

As we entered into our third week of Chicken Pox, I started to worry. The spots were getting bigger, and spreading everywhere. And since both girls had it, I knew something must be wrong. I feel so bad for waiting this long, but decided to go ahead and make an appointment to see the girls' pediatrician.

I have always loved our pediatrician...but there have been times where I do question things she has said. I can't seem to think of any at the moment, but I know there were some occasions, that I didn't really reflect on a good note.

Back to our trip...for insurance purposes, you are only allowed to schedule one child at a time. I suppose that is so everyone can get the money that they want. So I scheduled for Destin to be seen, since hers is the worst of the two of them. The pox/rash took over her entire left side of her back, armpit, bottom, arms, and legs. It just didn't even look like spots anymore, but rather a big rash that was spreading at warp speed.

The Dr. came in, took a culture, prescribed some cream and oral meds, which she said to give to Arwen as well (just the cream)...and in two days time, they called and said Destin had a staff infection. We both came to the conclusion that her chicken pox somehow got infected, more than likely from itching her spots with non-clean hands. Its almost impossible to keep my girls clean these days, and my house too!

So...this was Wednesday, and now after five/six days, the rash/spots/pox/staff infection is finally going away. I am so glad that we decided to keep the girls home for as long as we did. And thankful even more so, that I took them into the Doc, even when they said NOT to in the beginning stages of the chicken pox (the second week of January). UGH!

I am not a nurse, or have any experience in the medical field whatsoever. And to tell you the truth, I don't think I could handle it. Having both my children with chicken pox at the same time, is pain enough, and breaks your heart knowing that there was nothing you could do for them. It literally took your breath away, at how awful it really looked.

No pictures...sorry...but for those of you that did have a chance to see them, they are doing MUCH better. Thank goodness for modern medicine and our medical professionals.

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