Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Weekend: BBQ and Chicken Pox x 2

Not a real eventful weekend...but it was a nice one. Saturday, we hung out most of the day, and Patrick and I went out to celebrate our anniversary (while my mom watched the girls for us).

We ended up going to Jack Stack BBQ, which is the place that Patrick and I went to 9 years ago (and he proposed to me afterwards on top of the Halls building on the Plaza). Ahh, memories. I cannot believe it has been almost 9 years!! Wow!

Last week, we discovered Destin had the Chicken Pox. They still look awful, and I am thinking that Arwen is getting them too. She has a few spots on her tummy, and one on her arm. So...we will probably be on lock down yet again this week.

It really stinks..but I can only hope that we won't have to go through this again. Anyways...I hope everyone out there had a wonderful weekend! Have a great week!

Here's what came in my mail box last week:
  • 2 pair of Sunglasses from Sharp Shades (Free w/Voucher from SaveMore Daily)
  • Thermal Cinch Tote from Thirty-One Gifts (Previous PR & Giveaway at FFF)
  • Wine-Wall Wine Rack & No Drip Stop (PR & Giveaway for FFF)
  • Personalized Photo Thank You card I made from CardStore.com (freebie)
  • Parents magazine (February)
  • Zevia Package from Moms Meet (came with a free cooler and coupons for free Zevia beverages)

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