Friday, January 13, 2012

Website Review:

Whether you know exactly what you're looking for, just browsing, or just need a little guidance finding the next big thing, is your place to discover the most popular items in fashion and beauty and we offer amazing discounts up to 50% off. But the best part? Members get access to exclusive offers and deals, so you can search, shop, love and save. Register for free today! 
  • Expert StyleFind editors add featured and trending favorites regularly, so you can always find what's popular easily
  • You can search 500,000+ shoes, handbags, clothes, accessories and more from the top retailers you trust most
  • Brought to you from the publishers of InStyle
My Thoughts

I am always up for finding a good deal online, but not when the deals are over $100. That's a little high for my personal budget. And to my surprise, I did not see very many children's items...which is what I usually like to look at anyway. For those of you are fashionistas, then this is a site you will definitely want to sign up for, and discover if you like it for yourself.

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