Friday, January 13, 2012

The Number 13

13 has always been a good number for our family. The day Patrick proposed to me (Dec 2003). The day our fur babies, Daisy & Duke were born (April 2007). Destin's birthday (Feb 2009). Arwen's due date (Aug 2010 - she was born in July though).

Many people think of this being a superstitious number. And to top it off, put it on a Friday...which mades you think of the scary movie from the 1980s.

Have any of you had a weird number that has done good/bad things for you or your family? I would love to hear about it.

I know there are several thousand people out there who play the lottery with their "favorite" numbers. Patrick and I are always saying "those are my numbers" each time the lottery comes on each week :P Sigh...maybe we will win someday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Looks like we will be staying in for the most part. Patrick and I are supposed to go out on a date night this Saturday ~ YAY!

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