Monday, January 30, 2012

Mail Call: Jan 16 - 28 {2 Weeks Worth of Goodies}

I am always getting mail and packages each day...Here's what came in my mailbox the past two weeks: 
  • Stainless Steel roll from EZ Faux (PR and Giveaway for FFF) 
  • Bacon T-shirt (PR and Giveaway for FFF) 
  • Disney Family magazine – Feb (freebie) 
  • Toilet Tree Fogless Shower Mirror (PR and Giveaway for FFF) 
  • Coupon and Sample from La Roche-Posay (freebie) 
  • Prom Dress from (PR for FFF) 
  • Valentines card (freebie) 
  • Smiley 360 box of Infants Advil product and coupons (freebie)
  • Birthday stuff for Destin’s birthday in a couple weeks (I got free shipping using Shoprunner) 
  • Max and Ruby rings from Amazon (free with my giftcards) 
  • Dr. Sharp Dentistry package – came with toothpaste, mouthwash and more (PR for FFF) 
  • Skincare by Feleciai cream x 2 (PR and Giveaway for FFF) 
  • Dapper Snappers belt (PR and Giveaway for FFF) 
  • “Ready to Rumble” green shirt (PR for FFF) 
  • Box of goodies for Destin’s birthday from Amazon  
  • Camera Coat (PR and Giveaway for FFF) 
  • Frizz Ease samples (freebie) 
  • Valentines card from TinyPrints (freebie) 
  • Zevia t-shirt (part of my Moms Meet package) 
  • “I’m Irish! Do I get a FREE Beer?” T-shirt (PR for FFF) 
  • “Potty Time” DVD (PR for FFF) 
  • FlipSize bag (to mail my girls' clothes in for points)
  • Backpack from 03USA (PR and Giveaway for FFF) 
  • Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup 12 pack – Hot Chocolate (freebie)

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