Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year...A New Look!

Happy New Year! Over the weekend, we remembered our favorite (and not-so favorite) memories of 2011, and brought in the New Year ~ 2012. We stayed home on New Years Eve, watched Dick Clark for a few minutes and then went to bed. Then the next day celebrated Christmas with Patrick's mom and family. It was nice to see had been almost 2 years since we saw all of his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma. {Not the best picture of us below, but its the most recent one we have}

In 2011, our family had many highlights to remember...our beautiful daughter, Destin Paisley turned 2 years old. Patrick went on his first vacation (by himself) to Colorado, where he skied the weekend away. Our (very furry) twin "babies" turned 4 years old. Our many, many trips to the Zoo (we definitely put our "Friends of the Zoo" membership to good use!). Our summer playdates with friends. Our first family vacation to Colorado, to visit Grandpa Todd and Grandma Julie. Our baby girl, Arwen Kinsley turned 1 year old. My plunge to finally get Lasik Eye Surgery (something I have wanted for the past 10 years!). And many more memories I don't ever want to forget.

Now as we bring in the year 2012, we have so much to look forward to...and I hope that I will be able to just keep up. The whole point of this blog was to share my thoughts, experiences and of course keep track of the daily adventures of my life. And although they aren't exciting, they are mine - and that's what keeps me going. My life as a mommy and a wife.

So since it is a New Year, I thought I would change up the look of my blog a little bit. Its still a little bit in-progress, as the header (located at the top) looks a little blurry for some reason. I will have to work on that later this week. And maybe this post will encourage me to get a "new look" for myself as well. What do you think? {I am finding it really hard to believe that I have over 100 followers, since no one ever comments or shares their thoughts. Maybe I need to work on that for this year...see my media goals below!}

I have had such a hard time finding the right motivation to lose weight, eat healthy and really value myself as a person. I find myself wearing makeup only a couple times a month, and becoming more of a hermit. I really hope that this new year allows me to open up a little bit more, explore more about myself, and encourage me to interact more with the world. Maybe that can be one of my resolutions?

Does anyone keep track of resolutions any more? Maybe if you write them down, you are more pressured/challenged to finish them. Well, here a few of mine: 1) Eat healthy & lose some weight; 2) Get out of debt (slowly but surely we will find a way); 3) Be a more patient and understanding person (with the girls, Patrick and everyone in my life). I think sometimes I take life too seriously, which is why I can be some what of a %#!*@. But then again, maybe everyone is.

Also, I know that many may think its boring...but I do like to share/keep track of my weekly mail calls. So I may just include a snip-it at the end of a weekly post, for the sake of my job at Frugal Fabulous Finds. I really enjoy working with that blog, and hope to continue to do so during this year as well. Most of our Christmas, birthdays and parties were success because of career as the Product Review and Giveaway Specialist. I am so excited to get the mail everyday, and I love being able to share new products/companies with my friends and family, and of course my readers.

What came in the mail this week?"How We Love Our Kids" (BR via Blogging for Books at FFF), MotoGP 10/11 PS3 game (payment for a blog post via FFF via IMS), 2 packages from (a large box of kid activities & 2 big Books about healthy living), Necklace I ordered (back in October via Accessories Direct ~ a freebie I received via SaveMore Daily), Foldable/recyclable grocery bag from National Consumer Panel (freebie), AND Carefree samples and coupons from SheSpeaks.

Media GoalsMy (Social) media goals for this year are to get more fans on FB, more followers on Twitter, and more comments/interactions for my so-called followers via Google Friend Connect. I would also like to challenge myself to comment more on the blogs I follow. I know that I don't always share what I am thinking with others, and I need to do that more.

I am also going to challenge myself to write more on the blog. Last year, I only posted about an average of 4 posts/month. I would like to at least double that if possible. I may even get a few blog prompts via BloggyMoms. They have 366 challenge going on right now, which I may take participate in.

If you have a blog, and would like me to check it out - please share it in a comment below! I would love to read about your life, as a mommy, dad, grandma, teacher, whatever...

Professional GoalsI hope that this year I will be able to finally take my place in an educational setting. I have had lots of pep talks from family (mostly, my dad) and friends. And I know that my Bachelors and Masters in Education need to put to good use someday/year...and this might be the year. I would really like to find a job that I love as a teacher, whether that be online, in a classroom, or in some other format...I know that it would be good for me as a teacher, a mom, and a person to have those goals in place/practice.

Family GoalsFor many reasons, my family (on both sides) has become strained. We no longer communicate. I would really like to talk with my family (cousins, aunts, grandparents) more often. I miss them, and wonder sometimes if they do too. I also would like to challenge myself to work on the Family Tree more. I started a personal site via Shutterfly all about family history (for both Patrick and I) and would really like to find some answers. Maybe someone out there can help me figure out a way to find things out (without having to pay a lot of money - which we don't have!).

Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful week. I am off to my 3 Month Lasik checkup tomorrow and library story time with the girls...

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