Thursday, March 8, 2012

Destin Paisley is 3 years old!

I cannot believe that Destin Paisley is 3 years old! I think as her mommy, I will never forget when she was born and what it was like when she was still in my tummy...the fears I had, the joys I had, but mostly the memories being made. Here is what Destin looked like a couple hours after she was born ~ full head of BLACK hair, and dark blue eyes (that eventually turned brown like her daddy's). 

Isn't is amazing how fast children a blink of a eye, our baby girl turned ONE.

Then 6 months later, she became a big sister...

6 months after that, we celebrated Destin's 2nd birthday...

Then a few weeks ago (a year later) we shared Destin's 3rd birthday for the first time with ALL four sets of her grandparents (minus my step mom). AND 2 great grand parents! It was really surreal knowing that both my parents and Patrick's parents were here in our house at one time. The last time that happened was our wedding reception which was in 2007. AND I am very happy to say that there were no arguments or mishaps - and we never thought there would be. We are really lucky to have such loving, caring parents ~ as the girls can say about their grandparents. They can put their differences aside and love us unconditionally despite what happened in the past. 

Now back to the party...we celebrated Destin's party on Saturday with our friends and family (a couple days before her actual birth date). After many weeks of debate, we decided to have a "Max and Ruby" party. {For those of you that don't know, they are brother/sister bunny duo on Nick Jr.} And after looking at all the pics, I don't think I got any "close ups" of the decorations that I ordered online {which by the way, was the only place they were sold!!}. I must remember that for the next party we plan! 

We served home made lasagna, baked spaghetti, fresh salad, fruit, veggies, garlic bread and home made cupcakes {made by Destin, Mommy, Daddy and Arwen} to her guests. I forgot to count how many people attended...but with just close family and friends, it was more than 30 people.

Destin and her best friend Karly

Destin getting ready to blow out her candle

Destin wanted to wear make-up like mommy - Can you see it? 

Arwen, Destin and Grandpa Todd

This was the first birthday my Dad (Grandpa Todd) has ever been able to attend. Hopefully that will change as he is "retiring" from the Army this year. We are so happy that we was able to come and stay for a few days, and wish that next time Grandma Julie comes too! The girls absolutely adore them both so much!

For Destin's actual birthDAY, she woke up to a cupcake...

We made plans to visit Chuck E. Cheese...but had to postpone it by a day due to a FREAK snowstorm that happened on the 13th of February. Schools were closed, roads were bad, and snow was everywhere! So, that is why both the girls have matching Valentines shirts on...because we went on Valentine's Day. 

Arwen wanted to ride "Clifford" the entire time we were there!

The girls really had a lot of FUN at good ole' Chucks'...and Arwen kept saying "Chuck E. Cheese FUN!!" over and over again. In fact, it has been almost 4 weeks since we went, and  out of the blue Arwen will say "Chuck E. Cheese FUN mommy!". Ha ha! 

Our trip to Chuck's place was also to celebrate Destin sleeping in her bed for almost 3 weeks (now it has been over 2 months!). YAY!!! The day after she got her new BIG girl bed (a twin size) she has slept EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in her own bed ~ ALL NIGHT LONG!! Can you believe it! Woo hoo!

Needless to say, we will have to start going to Chuck E. Cheese more often I think. Especially to motivate GOOD behavior and Arwen going pee pee in the potty  (consistently). Arwen went for the first time a couple days ago {at 19 months old}, and met another BIG milestone.

A couple weeks after Destin's birthday, we went to the pediatrician and got her 3 year checkup...which was neat to see how much she has grown. She was 3.25 feet tall (30%ile) and weighed 29.5 pounds (40%ile). 

Destin never ceases to amaze us...she is so incredibly smart and really loves to read, sing, color/paint, dance, run, jump, and try new things. We are so proud of her and cannot wait to see her grow in the next year...hopefully the terrible twos won't turn into the terrifying threes (which she has shown on some days over the past month). EEK! 

Something, I don't think I have that she will be attending preschool (the first time she has ever been away from me EVER) this Fall at a nearby church up the street. She is so excited, as we are as well. PLUS, she will be going with her best friend too! I know she will excel beyond our expectations, make new friends (as she does so easily), and set the bar high for herself. She is already learning how to read, and is currently trying to help mommy potty train Arwen, among many other things!

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet girl! We love you so much!

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