Friday, March 9, 2012

Like mother, like daughters...

Destin has found a new passion during Arwen's nap time every day...playing games on the computer. I mean sure we have played a few here and there over the past few months...but now as soon as Arwen goes down, Destin thinks it is HER time to be on the computer.

We love to play on Starfall, Nick Jr, and lately we do daily phonics lessons with Looney Tunes (a product review I am working on with FFF). I love watching her learn with technology, which is one of the reasons why I decided to get my Masters degree in Educational Technology. 

Technology is changing faster than we can keep up, which is why education must go hand in hand with it...starting with early childhood programs. I have many friends who own iPads, and/or Smart phones/devices that teach children everything from numbers, letters, colors, animals, shapes and more. If I had the time, that would be my next adventure...designing an APP for teaching young children (ages 12 months and up). 

There are literally thousands of APPs that are specifically created for young children, which is why I believe what children MUST know when they go to kindergarten changes almost every year. Now, technology is not changing all standards on State and government levels, but I bet they are nudging it a little bit. 

I am curious, do any of you have favorite websites, Apps or technology oriented devices that your children love to use/learn/play with? Please share! 

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