Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is summer here already?

This week our local school district was on Spring break, which meant that we got to have a few play dates with our best friends ~ Holly, Karly & Kynly. On Monday, we all went to Paradise Park for under $5 - which was incredible...thanks to Holly's BOGO FREE coupon & Moms' get in Free day (every Monday, by the way!). 

Then on Tuesday, we all went to the Zoo, with my Friends of the Zoo pass that our family buys every year. It only costs us $75 for a family of four to go year round, including train, tram and carousel. ALL of us got in for FREE...and were pooped after only visiting "Africa" with a big group of friends. I think there was a total of six adults, and seven children.

Later on this week, we played outside and even got the water table out (see pics below). It has been 80 degree weather, so we figured...why not? The girls' absolutely love to get wet, splash, and being outside in general. 

On Friday, Patrick got off work early, so we took the girls to get some flowers to plant out front, and to visit the baby chicks at Tractor Supply company. They loved it!

On Saturday, Patrick and I spent the day together - just the two of us - while my mom watched the girls. We went summer clothes shopping, and got some great deals at Old Navy! We even got them some adorable flip flops at Walmart for $2.30? each (see pic below). I can't believe how fast their feet grow! Arwen is wearing a size 5/6 (and may need a 7 soon), and Destin is wearing a 7/8 (but will need a 9 soon). They are 17.5 months apart, but so close in sizes...I think that may be because Arwen is bigger than Destin as this age. 

Then after some shopping, Patrick and I enjoyed a nice lunch together at On the Border. Yum! It was nice to spend some "us" time away from the girls, and enjoy each others company. When the girls were younger, we hardly ever did this...but since they are older now, I don't worry about them as much. I am hoping that Patrick and I can do more things like this in the future...maybe even take a trip somewhere someday - when the money is available. 

I think we may plan another "day date" for Easter shopping in the next couple weeks...

For the past couple weeks, Patrick and the girls have been battling a cold/cough/fever/getting definitely is NOT fun. Long sleepless nights, and germs that just won't go away..I am wondering if I may need to call the Dr soon and see what else I need to do. My allergies have been up and down with the craziness of the weather...and I am wondering if that may be why this cough/cold combination won't go away for everyone else. I will just keep hoping that it goes away soon...being sick is not fun or healthy for anyone. 

On Sunday, Patrick went to the shooting range to try out his new gun that he bought a couple months ago. And the girls and I went to Kohl's to get Destin some new nightgowns. I cannot believe she has never had any up to this point, so we got some good sales and used a coupon or two and had a girls adventure. 

Then we came home and added some toppings to a frozen cheese pizza that we shared for lunch...aren't these pics adorable?

I hope everyone had a wonderful week, and a super weekend! Next week, we are going to spend some more "Spring break" time with Gma Melanie (my mom). 

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