Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mail Call for March 19 - 24

Wow! I got lots of goodies this past week, and can't wait to get started on writing up all of my reviews for Frugal Fabulous Finds!
  • Mrs. Cubbison Stuffing, Croutons and a bunny egg holder and apron (PR for FFF)
  • Mixbook 5x7 flat stationary photo cards (PR for FFF)
  • $100 GC (prize I won for a FFF blog post via One2One Network)
  • Aqua Notes (PR & Giveaway for FFF)
  • “The Psychology of Wealth” (BR for FFF)
  • Flip Size box of clothes
  • Kraft First Taste coupon for FREE Fresh Take product
  • YoBaby coupons and tattoos from Moms Meet (for mom group)
  • Easter Bunny Smiley Cookies (PR for FFF)
  • Ooma Telo (PR & Giveaway for FFF)
  • Tea’s Tea (PR & Giveaway for FFF)
  • Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal sample (freebie)
  • Old Spice deodorant, body spray and body wash samples (freebie from P&G)
  • Bag beautiful (PR for FFF)
  • Patyka Face and Body Serum (PR &Giveaway for FFF)
  • ShopItAgain.com Yellow Crystal Balls (freebie)
  • FouFou Dog package of goodies (PR & Giveaway for FFF)

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