Monday, April 2, 2012

Its the little things...

Its the little things in life I staying under budget at the grocery store, and having both my girls behave when we go places. Last week I had one of those moments...and this week - well, not so much. 

There is no consistency when it comes to least with mine that is. At times they can be very well behaved, listen, help and offer love for one another. Then at other times they can be honory, mean, and beyond fun.

Needless to say, we have a lot of pouting, and sad moments that I wish would go away, rather than reoccur daily. I wonder how many other families go through this? Stressful days, misbehaving children, tears, sweat and whatever else. 

I am sure there are more than I can imagine. 

Yay for Spring! We got to spend another fun week with family on Spring break. We rarely go anywhere without "help" so this was quite a treat!

Last week, we had quite a few fun adventures...we went to Crown Center with my mom, and little brother (see pics above). We got to check out the FREE exhibit, watch fudge being made, and eat lunch at Fritz's (where they serve your lunch/dinner with a train).

Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese. And then finally to the Zoo on a rainy Friday. 

You gotta love Spring Break! And any time spent with Grandma Melanie and Uncle Joe is so much fun! 

The following weekend we attended a birthday party for Patrick's cousin's little girl ~ Gentry who turned One.

Aren't these matching dresses adorable? We just got them that morning in a package from Great Grandma Reta. 

Happy 1st Birthday Gentry! Isn't she gorgeous?

G is for Gentry!

Then the following day, Patrick's mom and step-dad came for a visit. 

Can you believe Easter is already here??

This past weekend, we went to our first Easter egg hunt (which was the first one for our city that we live in). It was CRAZY packed, and definitely needed a little more organization. But we still had fun despite the large crowd. 

Oh - and Pat started Softball season again from now until Fall. 

We also started working on some front yard work - pulling weeds, planting flowers, putting rock down, etc. It looks pretty good, but I would NEVER take up gardening as a hobby. It is hard work and incredibly HOT.

I still can't get over our 85 degree weather we are having in March/April. We finally caved in a couple days ago and turned on the A/C. The attic fan just wasn't cutting we will see what happens between now and actual "summer". All our fall/winter clothes are put up - and Spring/Summer clothes are in full swing!

Until next time, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and Easter weekend ahead of them!!!

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