Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Worlds of Fun - May/June 2012

This summer, we had the opportunity to buy World's of Fun season passes (located in Kansas City) at a discounted rate and decided to buy them for our whole family. 

We weren't so sure if the girls were quite big enough to ride anything, but eventually ended up buying Destin a pass as well, and Arwen is FREE until she turns 3. So, woo hoo! Yet, another place we can go as many times as we want this summer. Destin is 36 inches and can ride pretty anything in Planet Snoopy, and Arwen is at 32 inches tall...so will need to wait til next year to ride the same things. 

Here is a video I created with a compilation of pictures taken in May - June 2012 at World's of Fun....

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