Saturday, July 7, 2012

Destin's 1st Ear Infection

A couple weeks ago Destin woke up VERY early complaining that her ear hurt...well, this is the first time she has ever done this! As someone who went thru countless ear infections growing up, I knew right away that had to be what was bothering her. 

We went back to sleep for a couple hours, and she said the pain went away. Well, without even thinking twice about it...I said Okay. But then the pain came back a couple days later with a high fever (102*), and since it was a Friday - I knew that going to the Doc would be our only option. Most Dr offices are closed on the weekends here, or only offer Urgent Care. 

So, we went to the Dr and found that she had a mixture of a sinus infection, and a double ear infection...she was prescribed Amoxocillin (a type of Penicillin med). She took it no problem, and even took a nap that day after being UP ALL NIGHT with her ears. 

That afternoon, Daddy got home from work and gave her a Peanut Butter Cup (which she has had several in the past year or more) for having such a long night/day...about fifteen minutes later, she came in to me COVERED in hives all over her body. Since that was the 1st time we have ever seen this, Pat and I both freaked a little. We called the On-Call nurse at her Pediatrician, and had to wait for almost thirty while we were waiting, I strapped her in the car, and headed for the nearest ER. 

On the way, the nurse called, and said all she needed was just some Benadryl (as long as she wasn't swelling or having trouble breathing). So we made a trip to CVS (who didn't have any - UGH!!) and then to Walgreens, who also didn't have the Infant kind..I finally settled for regular Children's Benadryl (for ages 4 and up). Well, since Destin is only 3 and under a certain weight...we had to give her a small amount (3/4 tsp every 6 hours, according to her nurse).

After only a ten minutes or so, the hives went away...they came back twice the next day (on Saturday), and then once again on Sunday. Each time, we had to give her Benadryl, and they would quickly go away. We called the nurse the next day, and she said that since the hives went away so quickly it probably wasn't the Penicillin - but rather a virus or a food allergy. 

So, we went all week w/a new medicine for her ears (which she only complained on Friday evening of them hurting)...and was great. Then Saturday morning at 1:30 AM, she woke up screaming with hives all over her body! 

We gave her Benadryl again, and within 10 minutes the hives were gone...there are so many factors that could point to why she has been breaking out in hives ~ peanut butter (we had some for dessert), new laundry detergent (I changed it over the past month), a virus, etc. I just wish that whatever this will GO AWAY FAST! 

Its been a full week, since Destin broke out again...and fingers crossed, it will stay that way. I just think its so weird that her body would do this. Here's hoping that both our girls will stay healthy the rest of the summer. 

Happy Saturday!!

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