Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Arwen is turning 2

I feel like such a bad blogger...I haven't posted in FOREVER...since I have been working for about 4 other blogs for the past month. I just wanted to share that my sweet baby girl, Arwen Kinsley will be turning 2 years old this Sunday, July 29th.

She is definitely a handful and has hit those "terrible twos" at an alarming rate. But she still amazes me everyday...with her incredible vocabulary, desire for adventure and loving hugs that she gives to mommy and daddy (and sometimes sister too).

Look for more pics/updates to come...we are getting ready for Arwen's Butterfly Birthday this Sunday evening with our closest family and friends. I cannot tell you how excited we are!! 

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  1. How adorable and sweet! You must be an amazing woman and a great mom.