Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy September/October/November!

Wow! I cannot believe its November already...where did September and October go? I really have been slacking on my blogging skills lately (at least, for my own that is). So without further ado...here are some pics/memories/etc. to keep everyone up to date.

In August/September, Destin started preschool. And she absolutely LOVES it!! If she had a choice, she would go everyday if she could. I can already tell that she is going to love school as much as I do! She has made so many new friends, and I just love seeing her light up when she tells me about her day.
Since starting school, she has had class visitors (from the local firefighters, and a dentist), gone a field trip (nature walk) and celebrated Halloween with a very fun party! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my sweet girl. She is so incredibly smart, and beyond her 3 years that is amazes me everyday. 

About the same time (as Destin starting school), Arwen and I began to have more one on one time, and began our big adventure into potty training. As of now, we are about 80% done. She still has an accident or two each day, but can go for a few days with none at all. We are working on her "using her words" to ask for help and tell someone that she has to go. She does really well communicating with us, otherwise, so I think its just something we have to work on. Right now, its (potty time) more of a game for her - and at times, catching her at the perfect moment. Overall though, I am super proud of her...and can say that is wearing undies FULL TIME during the day now. 

Another adventure (sadly), that Arwen has decided to take...NO NAPS! I knew it was coming, and I actually got very lucky with her, since big sister stopped napping at 18 months (when Arwen was born). So at 2.5 years old, she is done with napping - even though, she REALLY NEEDS them. Its kind of a hit or miss thing for her. 

Other news...

Some other happenings that took place over the past few months, included Patrick working nights for about 3 weeks. That was quite the adjustment! He would from 3 PM to 4 AM, and attempt to sleep during the day. I am so glad that is was only a few weeks.

Now, Patrick is back to work during days (YAY!) and our schedule is not as hectic. Most days we stay home, play, clean (UGH!), and schedule playdates with friends.

The girls and I started going to church in September, as I mentioned in my last post (months ago). And so far, I really enjoy it. I am learning about myself spiritually, and hoping to make new friends over time. We have attended about four events thru the church since joining (Back 2 School night, 2 Family Fun Nights, and the Trunk or Treat night). Over the next couple weeks, I hope to join a small group and would like for the girls to start attending Sunday school.

Halloween was SO much fun this year...and I have lots of great pics to share (which I will in my next post). 

Right now, we are currently counting down the days til we visit Grandpa Todd and Grandma Julie in Florida at Thanksgiving. We cannot wait! The girls are so excited about going to the beach, and flying on an airplane for the first time. And I am really looking forward to taking Destin to Destin, Florida (where she is named after - where Patrick and I got married). 

I have really missed seeing my step mom...its been over a year since we last saw her in Colorado. And I know the girls have really missed seeing her too! After a year (being diagnosed with breast cancer) and dealing with treatments, chemo, radiation, and all the horrible crap you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy...
I am so thankful to say, that she is now...CANCER FREE! Yay!

I cannot wait to get more great pics of my girls with them again! Until next time, have a wonderful day everyone! Be sure to get out and VOTE today!! And look for more posts to come!!

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