Saturday, January 5, 2013

November/December/January - Updates and Pics!

I feel like such a slacker right now...its been over 2 months since I have taken the time to update Twice is Nice and here we are in a NEW YEAR! Wow! 

Well, here is what's been happening in our world.

In November...

  • We went on a couple playdates with some new friends from church/preschool. {Sorry, no pics!}
  • The girls went to their bi-annual Dentist visit - which they love! Arwen even sat in the "big girl" chair this time, and had her teeth cleaned just like Big Sister!
  • The girls and I have continued to attend church up the street from us (since September). I think it has been a really good experience for all of us. 
  • Destin is still loving Preschool, and loves to talk about her new friends, lessons, and adventures. In November/December, they started a new unit (last month was shapes), and started on numbers (1 - 10). 
  • We went on our 2nd Family Vacation to Florida - where Gma Julie & Gpa Todd live now. This was our 1st time on an airplane as a family. The girls loved every minute of it, except for the waiting part at the airport. We had such an incredible time, and made so many fun memories with them. The greatest (early) Christmas gift we ever received! See all my fav pics below...
  • I had an job interview in Grandview, to be a Parents as Teachers educator...which I did not get...still hoping that I will find a job someday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Riding on the airplane for the 1st time!

Our 1st Day in Florida!

Playing on the beach for the 1st time

We went to the Gulfarium

Destin thought it was so cool that she saw her name everywhere!

Making a sandcastle with Grandpa

We went to a Christmas Tree "Farm" and got a REAL tree!

We went to the Gulf Breeze Zoo

In December...
  • We attended Destin's best friend's birthday party...Karly had Belle from Beauty & The Beast visit...and I can definitely say it was amazing! All of the girls were dressed as princesses, and it was so much fun. I am so thankful that Destin was over her sickness from the week prior - for whatever reason, right after our trip to FL, we all got sick within a week.
  • Our Parents as Teachers educator from the local school district visited. Which I would highly recommend to any family! She always brings fun activities, information, and helps me brainstorm ideas to challenge the girls. 
  • Destin was in a Christmas Pageant for Church. We went to rehearsals each week for about three weeks, and she learned to sing 5 songs. It was very short and sweet, and our little Angel did such a wonderful job. You can see a video of her performance here
  • We had a fun playdate with an old friend...{again, no pics} I really need to start wearing my camera more. I feel like I have missed out on some prime camera opps. The girls had so much fun with Isaac and Melody...its hard to believe how fast our little ones are growing up! 
  • We celebrated Christmas as a family, with Patrick's Dad, and with my Mom; and then with Patrick's Mom the weekend after as well.

Destin and Arwen love the cotton candy machine from Santa!

Gma Melanie got Destin an Easy Bake Oven!

Our little sweet!

In January...
  • Rang in the New Year!! Happy 2013 everyone!
  • Destin finally got to have her Christmas party earlier this week, due to the Snow Day (the week before Christmas). 
Destin picked out this book on New Years Eve - I thought it was so cool!

Destin and some of her friends from class with their Christmas gifts. 

Here's hoping we all have a very Happy 2013 ahead of us...look for more posts soon!

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