Thursday, December 5, 2013


Wow, where has the time gone? Has it really been almost 5 months since I last wrote on my blog! EEK!

Well, I don't have time to list every detail...but a lot has happened in that time.

Destin finished her first year of preschool. We are truly going to miss her teacher, and friends that she has made. And hope to keep in touch with them over the years!

Destin and Arwen actually had some good moments - playing together, and learning that sharing and getting along is more fun than fighting. 

We had a blast going to Destin's T-Ball Games and Practices each week thru the end of June. It was so cute to see all those little ones chasing after the ball. 

Grandpa Todd came to visit this past summer!

The girls and I went to many of daddy's softball games, including this one where they befriended a caterpillar.

We had many fun trips to Worlds of Fun throughout the summer (all the way to October) with our Season Passes! And we will be going back next year, even though our discount will be gone (since my step dad got a new job somewhere else a couple weeks ago).

During the month of July, we had lots to celebrate...including our annual 4th of July party that we host every year with our friends and family. Here are a few pics of the girls who got their faces painted by one of my (super/awesome/amazingly talented) friends. You can check out her website here!

Happy 4th of July!!

My friend and I spent a day "practicing" making a Scooby cake for Arwen's 3rd birthday. She loves Scooby Doo this year!! 

We went on many play dates too, including this one to Crown Center with our friends. They had a super cute FREE exhibit too, as they do every summer. So much fun!

Yay for playing outside! The girls practically lived in their swimsuits each day.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Arwen!!

The girls loved meeting Snow White at Once Upon a Child ~ my new favorite clothing store for the girls!

The girls got their 1st haircut!

This Fall in September the girls both started school at a new Preschool.

In September, I helped plan a family reunion with my mom's fathers family. It was definitely something I will never forget.

Daddy took the girls fishing for the first time!

For Halloween, Destin was Rapunzel and Arwen was Scooby Doo. 

I finally pushed myself to clean our basement and under our stairs, and found this treasure of a picture. Yep, that's me on the far left with my mom and dad in 1987 or so.

We went to Deanna Rose and had a blast with friends for the day!

The girls and I went on their 1st field trip to Faulkner's Ranch with their preschool. 

So, that pretty much sums up my life til October. I hope I can push myself to keep updating this blog, and journaling my heart out. More pics to come soon!

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