Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Discovering Hobbies

As the years go by, and my girls keep growing before my eyes...I can't help but wonder what hobbies I could aspire to do. I really don't have a lot of creativity, although I do enjoy writing. I am not sure that fictional stories would be something I would enjoy doing. 

I love to read, but to be honest I haven't picked up a good ADULT book in years. All I read these days are children's stories day in and day out. I really need to change that habit! So with that said, a book club wouldn't work.

I enjoy cooking and baking, and thought about taking a course in the future. But prices are steep and time is still hard to come by these days. Currently, I have been writing recipes for a few blogs on the World Wide Web and really have enjoyed myself with that. You can find some of my creations at Deal Searching Mama, Military Wives Saving and a few other places. 

I really enjoy photography as well (that pics above, and almost all the pics on this blog have been taken my me). I am not sure how much it would cost to take a photography course, but I would love to check it out, and see how much better my photos could get. 

I am really not that crafty of a person, and sports really aren't my thing ~ so those are out as well...hopefully I can find something to give me some ME time, and venture out into the world. 

Being a full time mommy is such a joy, but I think discovering more about myself and maybe even my talents will be quite an adventure to take as well. Until next time, take care...

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  1. During the year, a lot of Libraries have classes you can take. Most of them are free. They have a catalog you can look through and see if any of them interest you.