Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bras...wire or no wire?

Okay, so as many of you may know I am endowed with rather large...well, you know! And I have a lot of trouble finding the right bra that fits, and lasts for a long time. I need support, but not a una-boob! I like wires, but not when they dig into my side/chest. Without wires, I feel that I have no support hardly at all. I used to love shopping at The Jones Store (aka Macy's now). But it just seems like they are overpriced, and not friendly there. Kohls sometimes has good deals. Maybe I haven't found the right brand yet. I love Bali, or at least I used to a long time ago. Its been a couple years since I found a bra that I love. So, what brand do you like? Do you use a wire? How much do you typically spend when you buy a bra? I just don't know if spending $20+ on each bra is really worth it!

My mom says that it depends on how you wash/dry them that make them last longer. She doesn't machine dry them, instead she hang dries them. But I don't think I could hang my bras around the house - since Destin likes to wear them as a necklace/hat/headband/belt (I told you I was big - ha!).

So, I am wondering - where do you get your bras? What kind do you get? Wire or no wire?

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