Monday, November 22, 2010

My weekend...

We had a pretty good weekend...other than Pat having to work 10 hours on Friday & Saturday :( It just sucks that he has to work so much - I know he wants a break & so do I! We miss him and I know Destin would love to spend more time with him...he is such a great man working so much for us!

Sunday, I went to Walmart & bought some stocking stuffers & survived the crowded aisles in Lee's Summit! Oh my goodness was it packed! I am hoping to get most of my Christmas shopping done online this year - we will just have to see what happens though...I need to write down exactly what I want, look for deals/coupons/discounts/etc. and go from there. I am planning on buying 1 Black Friday deal - the $88 Power Wheels Jeep for Destin. I know she would love it and its such a great price! Hopefully they aren't all gone when I go to buy online at Midnight this Thurs evening (yes, Thanksgiving!). Can you believe they are starting Black Friday deals at Midnight now? Wow! I can't imagine going out to get all those deals - but some people will do just about anything to find a deal.

Well the rest of my Sunday (and well Saturday) I cleaned the entire house - floors (sweep, mop, vaccuum), dust, rugs, all the laundry, dishes, organized the playroom, and more! Even though it doesn't look like it now, I felt accomplished when I finished. My mom, Jeff & Joe came by to have dinner & play with the girls. It was nice to have them over for a little while. I know Destin loves when they visit :) And then after they left, Patrick found my earring that I thought I lost in the shower drain last week - YAY! It was a gift from him for Mothers Day this year - so I was very very upset when I thought I lost it - but yay we found it! Woo hoo!

This week, I am getting prepared for Thanksgiving - getting my recipes, cooking, baking stuff ready. I am planning on making Green Bean Casserole, Mini Cheesecakes (my mom's recipe), cookies & possibly pumpkin bread. We are going to Patrick's mom's house for Thanksgiving - so it should be fun to see all of his family. The last time we saw everyone it was April! And no one has met Arwen yet, except for Pat's mom (last month!). She will be 4 months old soon and she is growing so fast!

Its still pretty hard to believe that I am a mommy of two under two. A mommy to two beautiful, adorable little girls that I love with all of my heart and soul! I am so lucky to have such an amazing family :) I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend & has a wonderful week ahead of them :)

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