Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do you have talent?

Do you talent? There are so many television shows, contests, websites etc. that want to see if you do...so I have been trying to figure what my talent is? I have several FB friends and family that have so much talent, from making amazing Scrapbooks, taking phenomenal photos, baking/cooking, creating jewelry, designing clothing - tutus, hats, shirts, shoes, etc., singers, dancers, models, acting, and more! I just wonder what my talent is? Is it that I can find great freebies? I just started...but I have found quite a few :) I am not a very good singer; art is nothing I have ever been great at; I have started photography - but thats just a hobby I love to do with the girls. I don't think any of my found talents will land me a job or help me make money for our family. I wish I could do something online (such as teaching) to make money, but alas I have not found that dream job yet.

What is your talent?? What could you do, can you do that could possibly make you a fortune one day? I wish I could start my own business - baking/photography/freebies/? to share with the world...maybe someday :)

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