Saturday, November 27, 2010

Date Night

I thought this was a neat article on KC Parent's site...about taking your child on a date:

How many of you take your children on dates? I love spending time one on one with my helps me to get to know them better, and I know that it makes them feel special :) I also don't want to think that I am short changing one or the other.

I know that sometime in the future, Patrick & I need to have a date night. Just the two of us. We haven't done this since last October...when Destin was about seven or eight months old. The first time we both left her for the first time at night...we went to Worlds of Fun with some friends to ride the rides and go to the Haunted Houses. We were both so worried about I was breastfeeding still - so we didn't stay gone very long. I know it would be nice to go somewhere with just us, and not have to worry about the girls. Even for a walk in the park, or out to get would be nice to spend time with each other. I love Patrick with all my heart, and I don't want to ever hurt what we have together.

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