Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Thanksgiving & other tidbits

If you read my Shutterfly site, then yes, I did copy & paste sense in reading in twice!

Well I have both the girls asleep at the same time at night! Can you believe it?! And I thought I would catch up on my blog/site here for the family...since Pat is out with friends & I have some quiet time here at the house :)

Speaking of sleep...Destin is still being such a stinker when it comes to bedtime. She doesn't want to have anything to do with naps, unless its accidental when going for a car ride or watching tv. She is just on the go all the time (as everyone got to see at Thanksgiving). Arwen is for the most part, still sleeping wonderful...all night, every night :) Yay! Bedtime for Destin means having to sleep with us (which is NOT what I want, I would love for her to sleep in her bed). Then we transfer her to her own bed after falling asleep in ours - she wakes up a few hours later screaming/crying for us to come get her. :( This has been the new trend for the past two weeks - it is soooo not fun! Of course, I have to mention - tonite is the first time in a long time (I don't even remember when??) Destin went to her bed, and fell asleep with me sitting next to her without crying/playing/talking and was alseep within twenty five minutes or so! I cannot believe it! And to make it even better of a night, Arwen fell asleep - and I put her in the crib to sleep for the first time at night :) She has napped there before, but never at night...My babies are growing up!

So now they are both sound asleep in their bedroom together :) Its so sweet! Oh, and this week, we have been trying to give them both a bath at the same time! Destin loves it! Arwen loves bath time - she smiles, and kicks her legs in the water. And to save on time, water & my sanity I thought I would try it. Tonight was the third time they took a bath together, and it is going pretty well. Granted, Arwen cannot sit up yet - so she lays on her bath mat thing that holds her up & I am able to wash them both, let them play a little bit. Then take turns drying, getting dressed, lotion, brush hair, etc. Maybe this can be the start of a beautiful schedule - I can only hope! I would love love love to have both the girls in bed by 8:30 every night. But for now, I will settle for 9ish.

Destin just never wants to sleep...I mentioned earlier that she does not like naps. Starting last weekend, she just flat out refused to take them. And I thought maybe it would help her fall asleep sooner & faster at night. The first night it did (which was last Saturday). But then the next couple nights, she stayed up just as late 9, 10, 11 PM! HOLY MOLY! She has so much energy all the time day or night! So...I am still trying to figure her out with this whole sleep thing. I have been reading books, looking online, asking other mommies out there...and I have no idea what is going on with her. And in case you were wondering - it was just like this before Arwen came too - so I know that is not it! If you are reading this & have any ideas - please share them with me ASAP!

For Thanksgiving, we went to Tammie's apartment in Hermitage, MO this year. It was Destin's 2nd Thanksgiving & Arwen's 1st :) I had the girls dress up in matching red dresses & pink tights from Old Navy. I got them in the mail, along with the other goodies I bought online (I received them the day before Thanksgiving - Yay!). Oh - just a small tidbit here - I bought almost all of the girls gifts online this year. I think I will keep doing this too, since it saves me time, hassle, and the craziness of going out with both the girls. Destin just runs all over the place any time we go anywhere. Anyways..back to Turkey Day :) We had a great time seeing all of Patrick's family - there were quite a few people there: Tammie & Mick; Vicki, Tink & Jared; Shannon, Rob, Ally, Macy & Sierra (sorry if I'm not spelling that right!); Rick, Debbie, Dalton, Daniel, Amber, Jake, Jaiden & Meghan; Shane, Tammy & Tony; Mike, Darcy, Clara & Abby; and of course us!

There was so much food to eat - turkey, steak, porkloin, mashed potatoes & gravy, mac n cheese, corn, rolls, sweet potatoes (2 kinds), corn casserole thing, green bean casserole (I made this), and more! Then for dessert...there were cookies, butter cake, pumpkin & pecan pie, chocolate pie & mini cheesecake bites with cherries (I made these too!). Yummy, yummy!

I loved all the pics that I got on this wonderful holiday - be sure to check them out in the November photo album on my Shutterfly site (! Thank you to everyone for being so loving and caring ~ and of course, talkative! It was nice to have a Thanksgiving with everyone down there! I wish we would get together more often!! I know Destin had so much fun playing with all the girls - Meghan, Jaiden, Macy, Sierra, Ally, Clara & Abby.

Other stuff...

Potty training: We started at the end of September, and Destin did great for about one weekend. She went poop & pee pee in the potty (that Gpa Todd bought her in the beginning of August). But then she kept having accidents (even with her cute Dora undies) and so we stopped. We kept trying all month of October & November. She would sit & try, but never really go. I think she may have went once or twice in October...but only if we caught her at the right time. Last Sunday, she went twice (not a lot but sat, tried & went). Then today, at the end of November (almost two months later) she went pee pee in the potty again (a whole bunch)! Yay! Daddy even gave her some M&Ms for going :) So we put her in her undies again, but I am sorry to report she had an accident on the floor after bath time (about an hour after) and she didn't really care. I even had her in a new nightgown from Old Navy (her first one ever, since she was a baby). I would love to get more nightgowns for her, if she starts going potty again. I told Pat maybe we could start a treasure box, or a sticker chart - or both to encourage her to go potty! So...we will see what happens. My goal was to have her trained by Christmas...but now I would like to change that goal to her birthday. I would love to say she is going potty by the time she was 2 years old! Lord knows, she is smart enough to do it! She is soo smart!

How do I know she is smart, you ask? She is learning to say her ABCs, count to 10 in English & Spanish, learning Spanish words like Gracias, DeNada (from Dora the Explorer - her second fav show), recognizing & trying to draw shapes, colors, dressing herself and more!

Arwen is learning so many new things too...she is starting to push up on her hands & knees during tummy time. She blows bubbles/raspberries with her mouth. She cries "mama" (although I am not going to count this is as her first word). We are still working on rolling over, and learning how to sit up on her own. She loves to stand up too (in her bouncy seat - it was Destin's old one). We also have her sitting up in Destin's old blue seat too. She just loves looking around and seeing what everyone is doing.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Take care & keep in touch!

Oh, I almost forgot...Arwen will be 4 months old on Monday :) Her checkup will be December 1st! So look for an update about her visit/shots/weight/height!

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