Sunday, November 28, 2010

Free samples ~ Week 5

This is my 5th week of getting free samples via mail...and this is what I got this week:
  • Tom's Wicked Fresh Toothpaste (sample size) x 2 (for some reason they sent me 2)
  • Vaseline Intensive Reparing Moisture (sample size - it came in a miniature bottle - so cute!)
  • Udder Covers Udder Cover (I only had to pay S & H for this great breastfeeding find!)
  • Wisk laundry detergent sample & coupon (from Target)
  • Pampers coupon
  • Emergen C samples (with 4 sample packets)
  • Emergen C samples (from Walmart ~ with 2 sample packets inside)
  • Prilosec OTC sample (came with 2 tablets)
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food sample
  • Snapfish catalog (anyone can get this...but I have never used them before)
  • Max Pro condoms (set of 6 and a BOGO coupon)
  • Bokers 2011 8x11 calendar & washer sample (for a guy I guess)
  • Womanity perfume sample (on a postcard)
  • "Outta the Zoo" sticker (its a band that was giving away stickers on Facebook)
  • Seven Slings baby sling (I got this for free via Udder Covers - only had to pay S & H..I will post a pic of this)

    I am still trying to figure this thing out - I can't tell if the sling is too small for me, or if I have it on wrong..If only I had sewing skills I could learn how to make one & an another Udder Cover :) Maybe I can show it to my Gma's who like to sew!
  • 2011 Bone Health Pocker Calendar
  • 'Milk Matters with Buddy Brush' coloring book from US Dept of Health & Human Services
  • "The Truth of the Matter" novel from (look for book review soon!)

Deals of the week: I also got 30% off my order at when I bought some cute outfits for the girls :) And some deals on where I bought almost all of the girls' Christmas gifts for a great price! They started some of their Black Friday deals early, and I got 15% off some books I bought.

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